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Our Happy Canada Day!


Tuesday was our Nation’s holiday and we celebrated the hot summer day with a combination of activities.  The day before, Camden and I did a quick handprint craft so that he would have his very own flag for Canada Day.  It was quick and easy and he seemed quite proud of how it turned out.


My husband has had the week off work to work on the yard.  He had been making good progress on the patio pad and retaining wall, so he went back to work first thing in the morning before the sun got too hot.  The kids and I “helped” by pulling out the camping chairs on the new patio pad to test out daddy’s hard work.


Around noon we decided to make our way down to the private beach in our community to check out the Canada Day activities they had.  After waiting in line for some fun in the bouncy castle, Camden made a cute headband craft and we enjoyed a picnic lunch.  Then it was down to the sand so my little beach baby could enjoy some time in the water!  The beach wasn’t nearly as crowded as I expected and I love that we can be at the lake with just a quick drive down the road.  Camden is not a huge fan of the water, but Keira would spend all the day at the lake if we let her.


To wrap up the day,  both  kids got the chance to see fireworks for the very first time.   Check one more item off our Summer Bucket List!  I wasn’t sure they’d hold out that late, but they were still awake at 10:30 so we got them into their jammies and loaded up them in the wagon to make our way back down to the beach.  To avoid crowds we didn’t actually go into the gated beach area this time, and found the perfect spot in an empty house lot directly across from where the fireworks were being set off.


Both kids seemed to enjoy the fireworks (from the safety of mom and dad’s laps) and it was the perfect ending to our Canada Day.




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