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WDW Memories: Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique_Magic Kingdom

On our first trip to Disney World, I was enamoured with all the little girls running around with their princess inspired hairstyles and sparkly dresses.  I got a big kick out of seeing the same hair style over and over at different levels of distress – you just knew some of them had been slept in for days because the little girl refused to take out the bun or funky colored braids.  We were just freshly married and I can remember thinking to myself that if I ever had a little girl, a princess makeover was definitely something I wanted to do with her.  Well I did have that little girl, and for our Walt Disney World trip this past November I was excited to finally be able to make the magic happen at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Continue reading “WDW Memories: Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique”

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WDW Memories: Jedi Training

Jedi Training_Disney's Hollywood Studios

May the 4th is Star Wars day and I thought it was a great reason to share one of our favorite Star Wars memories/experiences from our trip to Walt Disney World this past November.

Jedi Training_Disney's Hollywood Studios

My son is a big Star Wars fan, so when I saw they offered the opportunity to learn to use a lightsaber and actually fight Darth Vader, I knew Jedi Training was an experience we couldn’t pass up.  It required a bit of planning to get signed up on the morning of our day at Hollywood Studios, but it was well worth it for this free and unique opportunity. Continue reading “WDW Memories: Jedi Training”

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Friday Favorites: Lug Nap Sac

Friday Favorites TitleMy kids are OBSESSED with their fuzzy blankets, and drag them everywhere throughout the house.  Because of this, I knew cozy blankets would be essential to pack both for the airplane and for a little extra comfort in the hotel room during our upcoming trip

Blankets and pillows can take up quite a bit of valuable suitcase or carry-on space so while trying to narrow down which of the kids blankets to bring, it occurred to me that I already had a great combo travel pillow and blanket in the plush, fuzzy fabric my kids love.

Friday Favorites_Lug Nap Sac Continue reading “Friday Favorites: Lug Nap Sac”

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Dressing for Disney: Snow White


When it comes to Disney princesses, my 5 year old’s two favorites have always been Snow White and Aurora.  When I came across these simple princess dresses, I knew Snow White was definitely the first one I would have to order.  The design is simple, but with the red, yellow and blue combo it is immediately recognizable as the Fairest of Them All.  A poison apple necklace to accessorize doesn’t hurt!

DressingforDisney_SnowWhite Continue reading “Dressing for Disney: Snow White”

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Dressing for Disney: The Little Mermaid


Today’s Disney parks friendly mommy daughter looks are inspired by The Little Mermaid.

DressingforDisney_TheLittleMermaid Continue reading “Dressing for Disney: The Little Mermaid”

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Our Disney Wedding: Remembering the Mishaps and the Magic

Disney Fairytale Wedding _ July 17 2007

Today marks 100 days on our countdown to our Walt Disney World trip.  We celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary earlier this month and will (finally) be going back to Walt Disney World this November to celebrate.  A lot can change in a decade, so I am very excited to go back and see what is new in the parks and experience it all again with our kids. Continue reading “Our Disney Wedding: Remembering the Mishaps and the Magic”

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Disney Inspired Treats: Bananas Foster Mickey Mouse Waffles

Disney Inspired Treats_Bananas Foster Waffles National Waffle Day March 25

National Waffle day is coming up on March 25 and what better way to celebrate then with Mickey Mouse shaped waffles?  If you have a traditional shaped waffler, it will work, but there is just something magical about a Mickey Shaped Waffle – especially smothered in an amazing bananas foster sauce!

Disney Inspired Treats_Bananas Foster Waffles Continue reading “Disney Inspired Treats: Bananas Foster Mickey Mouse Waffles”

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Earning Dollars for Disney with Dory

Earning Dollars for Disney _ Dory Sticker Reward Chart

About a month before Christmas I came across these behaviour sticker charts at Dollarama.  I had actually looked over them on previous trips to the store, but after a week of trying behaviour from both my children I grabbed two out of desperation.

Earning Dollars for Disney _ Dory Sticker Reward Chart Continue reading “Earning Dollars for Disney with Dory”

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Going to Disneyland Surprise Treasure Hunt


Our trip to Disneyland in February was the first time for all of us so I wanted to find an extra special way to tell the kids we were going.   To do this, I came up with a small treasure hunt throughout the house including a few fun new surprises along the way.

At 4 and 2 years old, I understand it is hard kids to grasp the concept of time so I waited until the week before our trip to let the kids know exactly when and where we were going.  I figured only 7 days of “When are we going?” was best on both them and us.  I had considered waiting until last minute, but the week gave me time to get things packed and ready without having to hide suitcases or answer questions from my 4 year old.

Our 10 day trip was basically divided into 3 parts – Disneyland, Legoland and then a few days with my husband’s parents in Palm Desert.  My son loves treasure maps, so I decided to design a simple map for him with each of the destinations as small picture pieces to glue on.  I wanted it to be fun and interactive while giving a visual image of the trip that he could look at and easily follow.



To prepare for the treasure hunt, I had my husband take the kids out of the house to a movie (Big Hero 6) Saturday morning.  I set up 4 different treasure spots throughout the house – one with the initial instructions and one for each of the three locations we would be visiting on our trip.

When the kids got home, they were surprised with the new Little People airplane and their figures ready to go on a plane ride.  Well,at least one of the kids was –  the movie tired my 2 year old out so she ended up napping on the couch while her brother got to enjoy all the treasure hunt fun!



A small sign with the plane explained:


Their first clue read:



After first checking out Nova’s favorite sleeping spot on the main floor, Camden then headed upstairs to Keira’s bedroom where he knows she often naps.  Here he quickly found their maps, along with our Grandma and Grandpa Little People figures and a small globe.



He was excited to get their maps and glue their pieces on before reading the next clue.



I had Legoland spelled out in Lego blocks overtop Camden’s bed.  We had already spilled the beans to Camden about the Legoland trip so I knew finding this clue might not be all that exciting for him.  I found the “Everything is Awesome” shirt at Target and decided to include it in a small box for him to build the hype.





After getting the LEGOLAND piece glued on, we read out the last clue:



We headed downstairs and in our (yet to be finished) basement playhouse Camden found this:



He seemed very excited about the new Fisher Price Little People Day at Disney set and the Mickey cupcakes, but it took some prompting before he clued in that we were going to Disneyland.  In his mind Disneyland was all Mickey Mouse and Princesses so his reaction wasn’t exactly as I had hoped.  Luckily we had the Disneyland planning DVD to watch so he could see some of the other fun “boy” stuff Disneyland has to offer.






I took video of him discovering the surprise, but I mistakenly deleted off our camera during our trip so I don’t have many pictures to share.  I was upset about deleting the video at the time I did it, but since his reaction wasn’t that great I am not completely heartbroken over it.


After Camden checked out the new toys, we all sat down to enjoy the mickey cupcakes and watch the Disneyland planning DVD.  Even though I have had it for several months, I resisted watching it until then so we could all get excited together.  Keira eventually woke up and Camden was very excited to show her the new toys and explain the map to her.


I won’t lie that, after all my planning, I was a bit disappointed over my daughter sleeping through the fun and my son’s less then excited reaction to the Disneyland news.   It was something I had kind of expected and knew to prepare for with kids so young, but I was a bit bummed nonetheless.

And to drive the point home that you REALLY can’t plan for everything with kids, we ended up with a trip to emergency room that same evening.  Our excitement filled day was capped off by my poor little guy falling off a bar stool and breaking his arm.  He ended up going in for surgery the next morning, just 6 days before the trip, and we were left questioning whether we could even go on the trip.  Lucky for us, the surgeon cleared him to go and the broken arm really didn’t limit Camden from being able to enjoy almost all the rides and activities at the parks.


Even though everything did not work out as planned, I still had a lot of fun planning our treasure hunt surprise and I know if I do something similar next time there will be a lot more excitement as the kids have now been and know the magic of Disney.  I just hope next trip announcement doesn’t involve any broken bones!


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DIY Printable Disney Countdown


Today I am sharing a simple DIY printable I designed to count down to our Disneyland trip next month.

To make this countdown, all you need is an empty 4X6″ photo frame with a glass or plastic insert, a printed copy of my attached printable, scissors and a dry erase marker.  (I found my dry erase marker as part of a cute Frozen themed set from Dollar Tree.)

SONY DSC Continue reading “DIY Printable Disney Countdown”