Banff Adventure Day 4: Johnston Canyon Lower & Upper Falls

Our Banff Adventure_Day 4 Johnston Canyon Lower & Upper Falls

This was not my favourite day of our trip to Banff National Park.  The morning started off rainy and cold so we waited for a break in weather in the afternoon to walk over from the campsite to Johnston Falls.  Unfortunately, I think a lot of other people had the same idea that day.

Our Banff Adventure_Day 4 Johnston Canyon Read More

Banff Adventure Day 3: Banff Gondola & Lake Cruise

Banff Adventure Day 3: Banff Gondola & Lake Minnewanka Cruise

Day 3 of our Banff Adventure was a shorter day for driving as we toured things in and around the town of Banff.  As previously mentioned, we took advantage of the Brewster Epic Pass which allowed us access to:

  • Banff Gondola
  • Banff Lake Cruise
  • Glacier Adventure
  • Glacier Skywalk
  • Maligne Lake Cruise

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Banff Adventure Day 1: Yoho National Park

Our Banff Adventure_Day 1 Yoho National Park

On our first day exploring the Banff area, we decided to leave Alberta and head west into the British Columbia side of the Rocky Mountains.  We ventured out for the day from our campsite at Johnston Canyon, and spent a great day hiking and discovering Yoho National Park. Read More

Our Banff Adventure: Johnston Canyon Campground Review

Our Banff Adventure_Johnston Canyon Campground Review

This summer we have decided to take advantage of the Parks Canada Annual Pass and spend some time exploring our National Parks.  With Canada’s 150th Birthday Celebration coming up next year, Annual Passes bought this year are valid for TWO YEARS.  The year long pass is a great deal as it was, but we were excited when this announcement was made.  And for even more savings, we were able to buy our pass $10 cheaper with our AMA membership.  My husband ended up making a quick trip to AMA the morning before we left for Banff to ensure we bought a July 2016 pass.  This now gives us park access until the end of July 2018 – almost 3 full summer’s worth! Read More

5 Fun Things to do with Kids at Fort Edmonton Park

5 Fun things To Do With Kids At Fort Edmonton Park

There are so many great things to love about Fort Edmonton Park.  A  visit to Fort Edmonton Park is a must-do item on our yearly Summer Bucket List and after taking the kids for the past 4 years, I think I have gotten it down to a bit of an art.  I have come to know which attractions in the park will keep the kids entertained and happy, and how to make the best use of our day at this great City of Edmonton attraction. Read More

Happy Little Campers

Great ways to create and keep happy little Campers_DolledUpDesign

Camping with kids can be a lot of work, but it can also be a lot of fun for those who come prepared.  With a little planning and effort ahead of time you can ensure new and exciting experiences for the whole family, and maybe even a bit of downtime for mom and dad.

We now have one summer of camping under our belts and I wanted to share some of the many ways I have come up with to keep the kids happy and entertained when we are out camping. Read More

Cheers to Dad’s: Root Beer Party

Dad's Root Beer Party for Father's Day

I often go off on tangents on Pinterest.  I will run into one pin I like and then get pin crazy with that idea/theme.  That is what happened with my recent party I put together to celebrate a late Father’s Day/early Birthday for my husband.  It started with seeing one root beer recipe, and that quickly snowballed into a whole menu of root beer recipe and a matching themed party inspired by Dad’s brand Root Beer. Read More

Friday Favorites: Three Little Words

Friday Favorites TitleOn Wednesday I did something I said I wasn’t going to do as a parent;  I let my son play hooky from school.  I had a chance to meet a friend and decided it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I let my son skip one day of Kindergarten to come along and play a round of minigolf with his sister and my friend’s son.  Hopefully this doesn’t bite me in the butt later down the road!

Since we were already out and about, we also decided to meet up with my husband for lunch.  We ended up with a bit of time to kill in between, so I decided to take a stroll through Chapters and finally check out the new American Girl section in the West Edmonton Mall store.

On our way out of the children’s section of the store, I happened upon this beautiful Finding Dory inspired book on the shelf of Staff Picks.  I was immediately drawn to Three Little Words because of the soft watercolors and beautiful imagery, and once I read the message inside I knew it was one I wanted to add to our collection.

Three Little Words_Finding Dory Inspirational Book. Makes a great graduation gift! Read More


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