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Pictures with Santa 2013


This week I took the kids to have our annual visit and photo’s with Santa.  Keira wasn’t in much of a smiling mood, but I did snap some good pictures nonetheless.  At least she wasn’t screaming her head off, right?


I keep seeing Santa pictures popping up on my facebook feed with fake-bearded Santa’s and I must say that I love how authentic looking this Santa is!  He was also warm and friendly with the kids and patient while I snapped a hundred photos. This is our second year visiting this Mall Santa and I love that they allow you to take your own photos.  For Camden’s first Christmas, I paid $15 for a single printed photo and was severely disappointed with it.  They do ask for charitable donations to the Christmas Bureau, however, so I was happy to give my $20.


In the car on the way to see Santa, I asked my 3 year old what he was going to tell Santa he wanted for Christmas.  His reply was “Maybe just everything”.  I guess that would about cover it!  Luckily he was a little less greedy when speaking to Santa and asked for “1 dino bot and a big Optimus Prime vehicle”.


I guess this “Santa” needs to work on hunting down that Rescue Bots toy…




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