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Cheers to Dad’s: Root Beer Party

Dad's Root Beer Party for Father's Day

I often go off on tangents on Pinterest.  I will run into one pin I like and then get pin crazy with that idea/theme.  That is what happened with my recent party I put together to celebrate a late Father’s Day/early Birthday for my husband.  It started with seeing one root beer recipe, and that quickly snowballed into a whole menu of root beer recipe and a matching themed party inspired by Dad’s brand Root Beer.

Dad's Root Beer Party for Father's Day
Dad's Root Beer Party_Cold Drinks

This was a fun and easy party to pull together using many of the odds and ends I have stored in my closet from past parties.  The only thing I really ended up buying was the blue checkered plastic tablecloth, the bouquet of fresh flowers, bottled root beer, and the food.

Dad's Root Beer Party_DIY Giant Award Ribbon Decorations

I reused the brown paper bag fans from the tutorial I created on Moms & Munchkins, and gave them a fun little twist by turning them into giant award ribbons.  For the centers, I created printable artwork inspired by the Dad’s Root Beer, and then attached large strips of cut posterboard for the ribbon portions.  These would be such a fun idea to create for any big milestone or achievement.

Dad's Root Beer Party_Root Beer Float Cupcakes

The sweet root beer recipes I made included:

Dad's Root Beer Party_Root Beer Cookies and Caramel Corn

And, of course, I had vanilla ice cream available for a traditional root beer float.

Dad's Root Beer Party_Ice Cream Floats

For our barbeque dinner, I tried out these recipes.  My apologies, I did not actually get a photo of any of these items, but they were all very tasty and worth a share!

Dad's Root Beer Party_Barbeque Menu

We also had some simple sliced watermelon and fresh cut veggies with dip to balance all the root beer recipes.

Dad's Root Beer Party for Father's Day

I always put so much effort into my kids birthday parties and have never really done anything for my husband.  It was nice to put this together for him to show how much the kids and I appreciate all he does for us.  It turned out to be a nice little gathering to celebrate some of the great Dad’s in our lives, and I was happy for the chance to carry out my crazy theme.

Dad's Root Beer Party

Visit my Root Beer Recipes pinterest board for all kind of other great root beer recipes and ideas.  I still have a couple leftover bottles of root beer and can see the root beer pancakes happening at our house in the near future!








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