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Mickey and Minnie Disney Savings Jars

Mickey & Minnie Disney Savings Jars

In January I posted about the calendar sticker system we have implemented to reward our kids for good behaviour and help them save money for our November trip to Walt Disney World.  I have begun paying the kids out monthly and wanted a cute place for them to start saving their money.   I am proud to share these Mickey and Minnie savings jars I came up with!

Mickey & Minnie Disney Savings Jars

I started out looking at character piggy banks and tin lunchboxes, but decided I really wanted a clear container that would allow the kids to see their savings grow.  I found these glass jars at Dollar Tree and liked the size, shape and price of them so I decided to grab a couple and see what I could come up with to make them Disney themed.

Mickey & Minnie Disney Savings Jars

Nothing says Disney like the iconic Mickey Ears and I decided the round shape of the jars and lids lent themselves perfectly to having a set of ears added.  With some floral/craft foam balls, black acrylic paint and hot glue I was able to put the iconic mouse ears on each of the jars.

Mickey & Minnie Disney Savings Jars_Craft Supplies

I found the foam half sphere for the heads in the craft department at Walmart (3 7/8″ diameter).  The ears were made 1.75″ foam balls (Dollarama) that I carefully cut in half using a serrated knife.  To fit them better onto the “head” I also cut a small curved section out of the bottom of each.

Mickey & Minnie Disney Savings Jars_Foam Ball Ears

Once the ears were painted and hot glued onto the lid, I decorated each with red Duck Tape, ribbon and white buttons inspired by the details on Mickey and Minnie.  My son’s lid base was covered in red Duck Tape and two white buttons were glued to the front to represent Mickey’s pants.  For my daughter’s Minnie Mouse version, the lid base got layered in white lace and red ribbon with some accent buttons to create polka dots.  I also got lucky and had some leftover red and white polka dot ribbon in my craft supplies that was easily folded into Minnie’s iconic bow and glued between the ears.

Mickey & Minnie Disney Savings Jars

I was originally planning to add names onto the front of the ears, just like you’d see on the personalized Mouse Ears you get at Disney World, but I like the clean look without.  Lucky for me I have a boy and a girl so it is obvious who each jar belongs to.

Mickey & Minnie Disney Savings Jars_Lid Off

I love the way these jars turned out and how excited the kids were excited to start filling them with their hard earned money.  These jars would work great to hold all kinds of small treasures and trinkets for your little Disney fan.  They are inexpensive and easy to make, and would also look great filled with red and white candy for at a Mickey or Minnie themed party.

Happy Crafting!









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