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We Do Disney FREE Printable Word Art

We Do Disney - FREE Printable Artwork

Our den has been rather neglected since moving in. It is a multi-purpose room that houses our home office and computer, as well as serves as a guest room when we have company.  Since we don’t often have overnight guests, it usually just ends up as a catch-all for the odds and ends of projects I am working on.  It has never felt like a very cohesive space and in order to make it more finished and homey, I decided to hang some curtains and finally get some artwork up on the bare walls.

We Do Disney - FREE Printable Artwork

We already had this teal and white striped bedding that I had to work with.  It was bought in a bit of a last minute scramble when we were first moved in and needed something for our first overnight guests.  I am not sure I love it, but since I couldn’t justify buying another set I used it as my starting point for designing the room.  I did feel better about it once I found these curtains at Jysk that I knew would coordinate and help bring more color and life into the room.

We Do Disney - FREE Printable Artwork

By now you should know about my love of all things Disney.  Since I didn’t really have any of my Disney items on display anywhere else in the house, I decided to give this room a bit of a Disney theme with the accessories and artwork.  I found the large black frames when picking up the curtains and knew immediately I wanted to fill one with “We Do Disney” word art I had seen floating around Pinterest and Etsy.   I have always really liked these, but was never really sure where it could go in my house.  After looking through dozens of examples and not finding one with sayings that I 100% loved, I decided the best way to incorporate all my favorite Disney/Pixar sayings would be to pick out and customize my own artwork.

We Do Disney - FREE Printable Artwork

Even though I had a lot of space to work with in my large frame, narrowing things down still proved to be rather difficult.  There are just so many good lessons to come out of Disney/Pixar movies that can be applied to real life!  I tried to pick a good selection from movies my family is familiar with and that reflect our family values.  For the color scheme, I matched it to the blue, yellow and teal of the new curtains.

We Do Disney - FREE Printable Artwork

In the matching frame, I decided to put in an image of Cinderella’s castle.  I searched through Etsy and was excited to find this lovely watercolor version Disney Castle print by ArtQuality. The colors coordinated nicely with my new curtain colors and word art, and the sizing worked out well for the frame.  It was also a great price and super easy to download digitally and then send out to print via Vistaprint.

We Do Disney - FREE Printable Artwork

To update the bedding, I also ordered this cute “We’re All Mad Here” Alice in Wonderland themed pillowcase off Aliexpress.  It covered up a starfish embroidered pillow that came with the bedding set and, with a few other yellow pillows tossed in, I am now much happier with the overall look and feeling of the daybed.

We Do Disney - FREE Printable Artwork

The room is still a work in progress, but I love it a whole lot more now that some artwork and curtains have been added!

In This House We Do Disney Word Art

Print out your own 11″x17″ versions of my word art using the links below.

Original Blue, Green and Yellow Version :  WeDoDisney_BlueGreenYellow_11x17Print

Mickey Red, Black and Yellow Version:  WeDoDisney_MickeyColors_11x17Print



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