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Banff Adventure Day 2: Kootenay National Park

Our Banff Adventure_Day 2 Kootenay National Park & Radium Hot Springs

For the second day of our Banff adventure, we headed back into British Columbia to discover Kootenay National Park and take a dip in the famed Radium Hot Springs. Continue reading “Banff Adventure Day 2: Kootenay National Park”

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Banff Adventure Day 1: Yoho National Park

Our Banff Adventure_Day 1 Yoho National Park

On our first day exploring the Banff area, we decided to leave Alberta and head west into the British Columbia side of the Rocky Mountains.  We ventured out for the day from our campsite at Johnston Canyon, and spent a great day hiking and discovering Yoho National Park. Continue reading “Banff Adventure Day 1: Yoho National Park”

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Our Banff Adventure: Johnston Canyon Campground Review

Our Banff Adventure_Johnston Canyon Campground Review

This summer we have decided to take advantage of the Parks Canada Annual Pass and spend some time exploring our National Parks.  With Canada’s 150th Birthday Celebration coming up next year, Annual Passes bought this year are valid for TWO YEARS.  The year long pass is a great deal as it was, but we were excited when this announcement was made.  And for even more savings, we were able to buy our pass $10 cheaper with our AMA membership.  My husband ended up making a quick trip to AMA the morning before we left for Banff to ensure we bought a July 2016 pass.  This now gives us park access until the end of July 2018 – almost 3 full summer’s worth! Continue reading “Our Banff Adventure: Johnston Canyon Campground Review”

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Happy Little Campers

Great ways to create and keep happy little Campers_DolledUpDesign

Camping with kids can be a lot of work, but it can also be a lot of fun for those who come prepared.  With a little planning and effort ahead of time you can ensure new and exciting experiences for the whole family, and maybe even a bit of downtime for mom and dad.

We now have one summer of camping under our belts and I wanted to share some of the many ways I have come up with to keep the kids happy and entertained when we are out camping. Continue reading “Happy Little Campers”

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Campground Review: Marten River Campground

Review of Marten River Campground at Lesser Slave Lake

Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park has been on my husband’s camping bucket list for the last several years, so when we finally got a camping trailer we decided to take a week long trip this past August to explore the area.

Review of Marten River Campground at Lesser Slave Lake Continue reading “Campground Review: Marten River Campground”

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Exploring Edmonton’s Ice Castle

Exploring Ice Castle's in Edmonton, Alberta

I admit I am not the best at getting my kids outside during the winter months.  Once the snow hits and the temperatures plummet below zero, I am more then happy to pay admission to the nearest indoor playground and happily sip my coffee in the warmth as the kids play.

This past Saturday the temperatures hovered close enough to the zero mark that we decided to embrace the cold and check out the Edmonton Ice Castle.  This spectacular frozen display is a man-built maze of icy castle walls built up in Hawrelak Park in the Edmonton River Valley. Continue reading “Exploring Edmonton’s Ice Castle”