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Planning a Disneyland Surprise


Christmas is over.  The kids passports have just arrived.  It is time to start planning my Disneyland surprise!

So far we have managed to keep it quiet from the kids and I am hoping to surprise them with the news just a few days before we leave.   There were some questions when we had to order passports, but my 4 year old doesn’t actually know that anything has been booked and confirmed.

When I saw this new Little People Magic of Disney Day at Disney set by Fisher Price I instantly knew it had to be part of my Disneyland surprise.  We love Little People in our house and this set couldn’t be more perfect for the Disney lover in me.  It even has a fireworks show and music!



At 2 and 4 I think my kids are still a bit young to read a t-shirt or understand a packed suitcase, but I know new toys are something they can get excited about.  I have also bought the Little People Lil’ Movers Airplane and my hope is to make it into a bit of a scavenger hunt in the house where they first find the plane and then need to follow the clues to fly their Little People to the Disneyland set.  I am hoping this action will help them make the connection that we will be flying to Disneyland.


I haven’t worked the plan all out, but there will be balloons and other mickey themed decorations involved, and I will likely break out the Mickey waffle maker afterwards!  We will also watch the Disney Vacation Planning DVD so we all have a better idea of what to expect in the parks.  I think I am more excited about planning this then I was for Christmas.


Have you ever surprised your kids with a Disney vacation?  How did you break the news?