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Counting Sheep

Better late then never, this past June we managed to knock off on of the item’s from last summer’s bucket; visiting the sheep on Grandma’s farm.

I grew up in a city and my husband grew up on a farm in rural Saskatchewan.  Now that our parents have retired, it is funny to see that there has been a switch on both sides.  My husband’s parents have sold their farm and now enjoy life in the city, while my mom sold her house last year to move onto the farm with her husband.

I have been a crummy daughter and it has taken me over a year to get out to see my mom’s farm.  I purposely waited until the spring/early summer because my mom and her husband raise sheep and I knew there would be plenty of little lambs that the kids would be excited to see.


My youngest has always loved animals, so she was quite happy to see the abundance of sheep.  She happily chased them throughout the field, but was never able to get too close before the flock all took off.


Lucky for the kids, my mom’s husband did chase down and catch one of the newest lambs so they could see and pet it up close.  It was pretty cute!


There was lots to see and explore on Grandma’s farm and I think my little city kids were happy to be outdoors enjoying the open space.


It was a lovely day with my mom and her husband, and it was great to see exactly how my mom is spending her retirement.  I also think it is great that we still have a farm in the family to show the kids and give them a feel of what life is like beyond the city.