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Christmas Fun: Portable North Pole and Reindeer Cam


Have you seen portablenorthpole.com yet?  I discovered it a few years ago and have made a video message for my little guy every year since.  The first year I did it he was so excited to see Santa that I think we must have watched it over 100 times.

The program allows you to fill out personal details and customize the video to the child or adult.  I get to input his age, photos, Christmas wishes, details on how we spent the last year and decide if he is on the naughty or nice list.  The final video incorporates those pictures and Santa even says his name to make it that much more authentic.  Camden started out somewhere between naughty/nice, but after a few quick changes this morning we re-watched and he was excited to see he has made it to Santa’s nice list!




Next year I will make one for each of them, but this year Keira is just happy to watch Santa and the elves in her brother’s video.


And if you are looking more Christmas fun, I highly recommend Santa’s Reindeer Cam!  We have downloaded the app to the ipad and it allows the kids to check in on Santa’s live reindeer.  There is also a feeding schedule so if you visit at the right times, you can see Santa feeding his reindeer throughout the day!