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Bubble Wand Light Sabers


Have a Star Wars fan in your house?  Planning a Star Wars themed party?  By simply inserting glow bracelets into bubble tubes you can create your own cheap and easy DIY light saber!


My original plan from our Summer Bucket List was to actually make glowing bubbles but it was one of those things that looks great on pinterest, and didn’t quite turn out in real life.  I tried to cut open the glow sticks and pour the “glow juice”  into the bubbles to make the glowing bubbles, but the thin glow bracelets made it hard to pour any liquid out.

After some frustration, I decided to give up and just inserted the glowing sticks right into the bubble tubes.  Voila!  Instant light sabers!


My son was super excited to have his own light saber and the kids didn’t even notice the missing glow bubbles.  They were just as happy to use their glowing light sabers to bat at the non-glowing bubbles and each other.

(My apologies for the crappy quality of photos in this post!  It is hard to capture pictures of glowing objects and the kids were swatting the bubbles faster then I could blow them and take a photo.)


This was a cheap and easy activity and is something I am very likely to repeat again in the future.  It would make a great accessory for a Star Wars themed Halloween costume and they made for fun in the bathtub in the dark later that night.

Glow sticks/bracelets and bubble wands are easily found at Walmart, Target or Dollar Stores.  Unfortunately bubble wands are usually a summer seasonal item so they may be hard to track down come late fall or winter.