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Love is Sweet

My brother-in-law is getting married to a lovely girl at the end of August and I couldn’t be happier for them.  I was honored to be invited to her wedding shower in June, but struggled to come up with a unique gift that wasn’t just another kitchen gadget.  My wise older sister suggested I gift my time by offering to help with some component of the wedding so I got to thinking and realized the couple had mentioned something about a candy buffet.  Perfect!  After a quick text to my brother-in-law I was happy to find out they had done absolutely no planning for the candy buffet thus far and my taking it over would be a huge relief to them. 

Well, planning a candy buffet can be quite costly and a lot of work so I decided it would make a better wedding gift then a shower gift.  I still wanted to find some way to surprise her at the shower and let her know I would take care of the planning, so I decided to create her own personal candy buffet that incorporated some of the design elements and ideas I had for the full scale buffet at their wedding.



I filled a small crate from Michael’s with various jars of candy to create my personal candy buffet.  I was able to find all the glass jars, sunflowers, ribbon and tongs at the dollar store and my biggest cost ended up being the actual candy.  The bride really seemed to enjoy it and I was so happy the couple agreed to let me take over their candy buffet and give me a summer project.






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