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A Princess Tea Party Playdate

A Princess Tea Party Playdate

My 6 year old is forever asking for playdates with her new friends from school.  Admittedly I have not been the best at planning throughout the school year, so I had it in my summer plans to try and plan something special for her and a few close friends once school was out.  When the opportunity came up to have two princesses from A Charmed Affair come to our house, I knew a Princess Tea Party would make the perfect playdate for Keira and the little girls from her kindergarten class.

A Princess Tea Party Playdate

A Charmed Affair is a new princess entertainment company that has just opened up out of Sherwood Park.  They have several party packages available and an ever growing range of characters including princesses, princes, and Super Heroes.  You can see all the great characters and party package options at acharmedaffair.ca.  They serve Sherwood Park, Edmonton, and the surrounding area, and were incredibly accommodating and easy to work with in planning our Princess Tea Party.

A Princess Tea Party Playdate_Food TableA Princess Tea Party Playdate_Tea Party Treats

Keira ended up narrowing her choices down to the Beauty Princess (Belle) and the Tower Princess (Rapunzel).  Our princesses arrived promptly, with smiles on their faces and dressed in their finest attire.  I was in awe of the gorgeous detail in both their dresses and their hair and make-up was styled straight out of the movies.  Both princesses were poised and polite, just as you would expect a princess to be, and I really appreciated how enthusiastic and energetic they were throughout their afternoon with us.

A Princess Tea Party Playdate_Princess Arrival

It would not be a tea party without tea and treats, so I went to my stash of party supplies and was able to pull a lot of items I already owned to help carry out the princess theme on my food table.  I was able to re-use the Belle and Rapunzel painted flower pots from Keira’s Princess Garden Party, the painted blue birds from her Snow White Picnic Party, and the tablecloth from last year’s Moana themed celebration.  To freshen things up and add a bright pop of color, I created inexpensive tissue papers flowers to hang as my backdrop, and incorporated one of her toy castles for a royal touch.

A Princess Tea Party Playdate_Food Table

I picked-up teacup silicone cupcake liners at Dollarama several years ago and was excited for a good reason to finally use them!  They looked adorable alongside my Belle inspired flower pot, and tasted delicious topped with my  raspberry buttercream piped out in rosettes.

A Princess Tea Party Playdate_Teacup Cupcakes

And, you can’t have a tea party without a teapot!  I no longer own a teapot, so I was thrilled to come across the idea to transform a watermelon into a teapot.  With the help of a quick YouTube tutorial and a few easy knife cuts, I had an adorable teapot to serve our fruit out of.  Since I was buying the fruit to serve anyway, this impressive decoration ended up costing me nothing.

A Princess Tea Party Playdate_Watermelon Teapot

Other simple finger foods I had were marshmallow pops dipped in white chocolate and sprinkles, cut meat and cheese skewered on small princess wands, pretzels in cute little princess containers and mini chocolate croissants.  Drinks were a blueberry iced tea punch and lemon water.

A Princess Tea Party Playdate_Tea Party Snacks

The princesses arrived with their own tea set in hand and we set out for the backyard to all sit and enjoy iced tea and snacks while learning proper princess etiquette.  It was a gorgeous sunny day, but unfortunately the wind was not cooperative and we had big gusts blowing tea cups and food plates everywhere.  Yikes!

A Princess Tea Party Playdate with A Charmed AffairA Princess Tea Party Playdate_Pinkies Up

After being driven back inside by the wind, the girls sat down to finish their treats in the living room, while our princesses each took a turn reading their story to the girls.  Princess stories are always a top pick with Keira at bedtime, so this went over well with our roomful of little girls.

A Princess Tea Party Playdate_Storytime

Afterwards came the singing and dancing, which seemed to be everyone’s favorite part of the day.  The princesses came prepared with their own speaker to play songs from Tangled and Beauty and the Beast, plus the ever popular Let It Go.  The princesses were high energy and the girls (and some of the moms) all had a ton of fun waltzing around our living room, playing a freeze dance and belting out their favorite songs.

A Princess Tea Party Playdate with A Charmed AffairA Princess Tea Party Playdate_Rapunzel

Our princesses did an amazing job with the girls and I was happy to be able to sit back and visit with the other moms while all the entertainment was taken care of.  It was something fun and out-of-the-ordinary to kick off our first week of summer break, and Keira was ecstatic to have all her friends from school over to play at our house.

A Princess Tea Party Playdate with A Charmed Affair

I am so glad we had the opportunity to do this, and highly recommend A Charmed Affair for your own princess birthday party, tea party or even to entertain the kids at a corporate event.  My only struggle now is that these lovely princesses have set the bar way too high for all our future playdates!

A Princess Tea Party Playdate with A Charmed Affair

*This post was sponsored, but all opinions within it are my own.

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