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Happy Birthday Hound Dog! Plus a doggie cake recipe

I border on the edge of crazy when it comes to my dogs.  They are dressed in themed costumes at Halloween, they each have their own stocking that gets filled at Christmas and birthdays are always celebrated with gifts and treats.  Nova’s 5th birthday on August 19 was no exception.  I baked her a homemade birthday cake using this recipe and made some vanilla raspberry cupcakes for the human members of our family to help celebrate.




Bassanova is a half basset hound and half English bulldog mix.  She came into our lives as a total impulse purchase after I spotted her behind the glass at the pet store.  I tried to walk away.  I really did.  She was just such an adorably unique mix that, before even consulting my husband, I found myself turning around and offering up my credit card to make her part of our family.



544792_10153093629980497_2053902977_n (2)

The kids absolutely adore her and she is one of the sweetest, most sensitive dogs I have ever met.  At 70 lbs, she is way too big to be a lap dog but that doesn’t stop her from trying to find her way up for a snuggle.


Happy Birthday sweet girl!  Thank you for bringing such joy to our lives.


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