Doll House, Our Forever Home

Covering up the walls – siding and paint

At this point, I was really hoping to have a picture of the front of our house all sided and looking pretty.  We visited Friday and the back and sides were done, but the front was still yet to be touched.


I don’t know why I am so anxious to see the siding all done.  I think it is because we chose the colors over a year ago so I don’t really remember what we went with and I am very curious to see what it all looks like.  I also think the house just looks so much more complete with the siding on.

The disappointment I felt over not having the exterior done was made up when we went inside to see the ceilings had been textured and the first coat of paint was on the walls.  We went with a neutral gray paint for the entire house so the paint in itself is not all that exciting, but it is good to see progress.


We also noticed the pile of wood in the living room and figured out it was our stair railings.  We have opted for a wood railing with glass inserts to keep things open and airy.  We love the look and I really hope I am not going to completely regret the choice with two young kids and dogs.  I think we may be going to Costco to stock up on Windex!


And, so far, my favourite room in the house is our master bedroom.  That may change once my kitchen cabinets and granite are in, but for now I am in love with the vaulted ceilings and the sunken tub in the ensuite.


It’s slowly coming together and I am beginning to get stressed at the thought of having to pack and move.  The cabinets and railings are set to be installed by the end of the month and once those are in I think my panic will really set in.


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