Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites – Toddlers in Tutu’s (& Tuxedos!)


I bought my 15 month old daughter a gorgeous dress off Zulily months ago to wear to my brother in law’s wedding this weekend.  The problem?  I really thought she would be walking by this point!  The dress is mostly WHITE and falls past her knees – far from ideal when your method of getting around is on your hands and knees across the dirty floor.

My solution?  Outfit change!  She will wear her white dress at the church and for photo’s, but I needed to find a second outfit that was a little easier to crawl around in.  After searching many children’s stores, I spotted this pretty aqua colored tutu at Target and decided to pair it with a simple onesie and the white cardigan she will be wearing with her dress.


It looked cute on the rack, but after trying it on her I knew it was the right choice.  It still may not be the most practical outfit for my little crawler, but it is beyond cute and that is what really counts right!?  I just love tutu’s on baby girls!


The only thing that might possibly be cuter at the wedding will be my little ring bearer in his very first tuxedo…


I can’t wait to get everyone dolled up and celebrate with the happy couple tomorrow!


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