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DIY TNT Party Cups

DIY TNT Party Cups

I have expressed my love for the Solo brand Grips to Go! lidded cups in the past, and they continue to be a staple at many of my parties.  The lids, straws and cups all in one package are such a convenient buy, and I feel better knowing that drinks are contained and spills are minimized when entertaining a house full of small humans.

Minecraft TNT Party Cups

To match my Minecraft party theme, I decided to turn my cups into TNT.  The red cups provided the perfect background and I designed a simple black and white printable TNT label to fit around the middle of the cup.

Download the printable here: Minecraft TNT Cup Labels_DolledUpDesign

Minecraft TNT Party Cups

Once printed and cut, I simply attached each label to my cups using some good double sided tape on each end of the label.

Minecraft TNT Party Cups using Solo Grips to Go!

The slightly squared shape of the Solo cups work well with the pixelated Minecraft theme and, with the addition of the straw into the cup, it even looks like a dynamite fuse.

Fun and functional!



3 thoughts on “DIY TNT Party Cups”

  1. Hi! I love the TNT red solo cups. I purchased the same cups but I’m looking for the printable TNT label. Where can I find it?


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