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TMNT Pool Noodle Nunchuks


They’re heroes in a half shell and they’re green!

We’ve been bitten by the Turtle bug.  I made the mistake of buying my 3.5 year some of the  old 1980’s Ninja Turtle Episodes from the $5 Walmart DVD bin and then Grandma was kind enough to pass on my younger brother’s collection of Ninja Turtle action figures to us.  Now it is all turtle talk, all the time.

When the theme song comes on, Camden likes to put on his backpack (AKA Turtle Shell) and run through the house showing off his ninja moves.  He kept asking for nunchuks so I made him a quick set of toilet paper tube nunchuks, but with a puppy and younger sister these just didn’t hold up.  I keep seeing the pool noodle light sabers floating around interest so I decided why not use a pool noodle to make a set of nunchuks.  They are soft enough that they won’t hurt, but are much more heavy duty then the cardboard toilet paper tube.

All it took was a pool noodle, some duct tape and a bit of rope.  To cut the pool noodle, I simply used a serrated kitchen knife.



It was a quick and cheap project and I came out looking like an awesome mom.  I even had enough pool noodle left over to craft up one of the aforementioned Light Sabres!  Win win!  I did search Pool Noodle Nunchuks on pinterest later to find out this wasn’t a completely original idea, but I still felt it was worthy of sharing.


It has been a couple weeks now and they are still holding up after a lot of use.  If I were to make another set, I would probably try to find a black or grey noodle and add colored duct tape in one of the turtle colors – blue, orange, red or purple.

Our next Turtle project?  I have already told Camden we can try to make some turtle ooze like seen on this blog – I just need to pick up the ingredients.

Turtle Ooze

And for Halloween, Camden is insistent that he is going to be Raphael so I may just have to forgo the pumpkin and carve one of these watermelon’s to coordinate with his costume!


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