Doll House, Our Forever Home

Finished, but not Finished

It has been awhile since I shared any photos or updated on the progress of our new house. I am enjoying seeing all the pieces come together and so far we are really happy with our selections, but it is certainly an exercise in patience waiting to see the completed product.  Unfortunately on our last visit the painters were just starting to tape and prepare for painting so I wasn’t able to get many great photos, but I figured it was still worth posting.

The finisher seems to have completed his work installing the baseboards, molding, doors and closet shelving.  My husband picked the baseboards and doors and I think he did pretty good.  For the molding and headers, we went very simple and clean.


I was hoping to get some better shots of our interior door style, but they had been removed by the painters along with the shelving the finisher built out in several of our closets.

Speaking of closet shelving, we ended up drastically reducing the finishers work in that area by making the decision to install some of the closet systems on our own.  We looked at different solutions, but in the end settled on the Ikea PAX system because we liked the way it looked and it seemed to be the most economical.  It was all 15% off in September so we decided to pick it up then and store it in the in-laws garage until our house is ready.  It was a long shopping trip that involved pushing 4 heavy cartloads through Ikea, juggling two overtired kids, putting thousands of dollars on the credit card and then needing two full sized SUV’s to move it all.  Hopefully the pretty walk-in closet will make it all worth it in the end.


Elsewhere in the house, the glass panels have also been installed in the railings.  The maple railing is finished beautifully and I love the sleek, modern look with the glass.  I know I will curse the decision everytime I have to clean little fingerpints off the glass, but since we plan to be in the house long term, I won’t always be cleaning off toddler handprints.


The countertop has finally gone in in my laundry room and I should be more excited to tell you that the granite is in in my kitchen.  The granite is beautiful, but we are currently struggling with some issues on the kitchen island that are overshadowing my feelings of excitement I should have for the granite.  The builder is working with us to find a good solution so I will devote an entire picture filled post to the granite and my kitchen island once we have it that way we want it.  We figure if we are going to be stuck looking at it for the next 30 years, we really want to get it right now!


So now to wait for the painting to get done and then hopefully we will get to start seeing some of the other fun stuff like hardwood, tile and lighting going into the house!



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