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Snow White 2nd Birthday Invites

In a few short weeks my baby will be turning two. I am a wee bit sad to be officially moving out of the baby stage, but excited to see the little lady she is blossoming into.  The invites are out so I am excited to share what I have come up with for her birthday invitations and party theme!

I love having a little girl because it means I can go all out with the bows and frills for the party.  Princesses are a pretty common theme for little girls so I wanted to take a stab at it, but wanted something a little less common.  Keira has a Fisher Price Little People Castle with all the Disney princesses that she loves and for Christmas she got the matching Snow White’s cottage.  We have the full set of Dwarves to accompany Snow White and I always thought they were adorable so I decided that Snow White would be the perfect inspiration for her party.

I drew up a graphic of the Little People version of Snow White to use on the invites and will be incorporating it on the cupcake toppers and throughout the party.


The only thing cuter then the Little People Snow White is my own Snow White!  Seriously, how sweet and adorable is she? (I may be a bit biased!) I picked up this Snow White costume at clearance after Halloween and was happy that she was cooperative enough to let me get a good shot for the invite.  I got a few other good shots that I think I will print and use in frames on the party tables.

My original thought was to have her wear the Snow White dress for the party, but I don’t think that is very practical for our playground venue. I ended up ordering this adorable custom shirt and can’t wait to have Keira wear it!


Be sure to check out MissDelaneyShop on Etsy to find this and other great princess or superhero shirts and dresses!

I still have lots to do for the party, but I am excited to see the details coming together.  The party will have a picnic spin with picnic type foods and, of course, lots of apples!  I can’t wait to share everything with you in a few weeks.

Be sure to check out my Snow White Party pinterest board for more ideas!


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