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Throwback Thursday: Thank You Cookie Trays for the Office

While baking up a large batch of cookies last night, I was reminded of the cookie trays I made up for all my co-workers shortly after my son was born.


Camden came 2 weeks early and I ended up missing my last week of work and the baby shower that was planned for me.  I ended up going in a couple days after his birth to clean up a few items, and I was given a beautiful gift basket and a Babies’R’Us gift card that helped buy us some of the larger baby items we needed.

Since my co-workers were so incredibly generous with my baby gift I wanted to find a nice way to try and thank everyone that contributed.  I never got to say a proper goodbye to most of them and I felt a bit guilty that they also had to miss out on yummy baby shower treats.  When thinking of what I could do for a thank you, I remembered that we sometimes got boxes of Cookies by George to the office at Christmas and they were always very well received.  Unfortunately I had just gone on maternity leave and ordering cookies wasn’t something in the budget, so I decided to DIY and bake up my own variety of cookies.

Cookie flavors I included were:

  • Oatmeal Raisin
  • Gingersnaps – get my recipe here.
  • White chocolate and Macadamia nut
  • Rolo Filled Chocolate Cookies
  • Mini M&M chip cookies


I worked for a large company, with staff among four different office buildings, so I ended up making a tray to drop off to each of the lunch rooms.  The cookie baking was time consuming, but I stuck with basic recipes and it went faster then I expected.  It also helped that I had an easy newborn that liked to nap!


The large plastic trays came from the Dollar Store and I simply lined them with a bit of parchment paper before neatly stacking the cookies on them.  For the cost of the trays and a few baking supplies, I think my thank you gifts turned out great.  I will admit the cookies weren’t quite as good as Cookies By George, but they were all still pretty tasty.  And on my visit I am not sure what my co-workers were more excited to see – me, the new baby, or the giant platters of fresh baked cookies!



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