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Infinity Scarf Teacher’s Gift


My little guy is in preschool this year so we have entered the world of teacher gifts.

It seems like gift giving has become a lot more complicated nowadays.   People seem to have a lot more dietary restrictions and allergies which makes it hard to give food gifts.  Mugs and ornaments make for a nice teacher gift, but you know they already have an overabundance of those items and I hate to add clutter to their lives just for the sake of giving a gift.  Pinterest has some great ideas, but it can get confusing with all the lists of what and what NOT to gift.  It is hard not to second guess your purchases on the quest for the perfect gift or to just give up by this stage in the Christmas shopping game and resort to boxed chocolates.

Either way, I did want to give Camden’s teachers a small Christmas gift and I didn’t want it to be boxed chocolates.  I know his main teacher does not drink tea or coffee of any sort so the standard coffee shop gift card was out and I really didn’t want to give a food item of any sort.  So, I came across these soft infinity scarves and decided to go with a neutral color for each of the teachers.


Wrapped up with a cute personalized tag that reads “I’m so lucky to get to HANG AROUND with you!”, I hope they will like them.  I have been wearing a lot of scarves lately and really love the ease of the infinity scarf.  The teachers spend time out in the cold with the kids so hopefully they can use them then.


And, after reading one of those dreaded lists that suggested teachers like receiving books as a gift, I also decided to add on a storybook version of The Christmas Sweater by Glenn Beck.   I know each teacher has their own children so hopefully the book can be enjoyed at home or in the classroom.   It is a great Christmas story with a sweet message and lucky for me I was able to grab them for just $3 each at the Dollar Store!


I packaged my items up in a cute Santa box for the main teacher and an Elf themed box for the assistant teacher.  I am hoping the gifts are well received and I haven’t broken any of the rules of what not to gift to teachers.



1 thought on “Infinity Scarf Teacher’s Gift”

  1. I would have loved a gift like this when I was still teaching! You put a lot of thought into choosing your son’s teacher gifts. I am sure they will be very pleased with your choices, and Camden will be proud to give them!


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