Everyday Life, Two Legged Fun

Playing Around

Now that it is summer I am finding it a lot easier to keep my kids happy and entertained. If we have nothing planned for the day, I tend to choose a nearby playground to take the kids to so they can run off a bit of steam.



This year I am noticing a big shift when we go to the playground.  Both kids are now at an age where I am comfortable with them climbing and discovering on their own, making me more of a spectator then an active participant.  They are happy to play together or chase down new friends while I get to take a short break on the bench.

When we are meeting up with our friends, it is so nice to now have a few moments now to actually visit with the other moms.  The kids have gotten good at keeping each other happy and entertained and they tend to stick in small packs so it is easy to find them for the all important head counts.



It looks like it is going to be a good summer for all – the kids will be happy to be out exploring and playing, and I will actually get a bit of time to sit and relax!


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