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For the First Time in Forever


Okay, well maybe not FOREVER, but it has been over 2 years since my husband and I have actually been out to dinner alone.

We celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary on July 17th and today we are dropping off the kids and checking out a local restaurant.  Somewhere without coloring books and crayons, or chicken fingers on the menu!

How is this possible?  It is all thanks to My Gym!  I enrolled the kids in a weekly class in June and was delighted to discover they also offer a monthly Parent’s Night Out that allows us to drop off the kids for 3 full hours of uninterrupted adult time.


I was hesitant to book the Parent’s Night Out when I first enrolled the kids since they have a history of not liking the activities I sign they up for.  Ball Hockey was a big flop for my son last year and my daughter wanted absolutely nothing to do with soccer this Spring.  I actually only decided to try My Gym when I came across a half price Groupon – if they ended up absolutely hating it, I wouldn’t feel bad about “wasting” a lot of money.

Well, I am happy to report that they absolutely LOVE My Gym.  The instructors are all amazing and my kids are actually excited to go to class each week.  They do a variety of gymnastics skills and exercises, with free play and songs thrown in for good measure.  The classes are a full hour of activity and my kids always come away with a big smile plastered across both their faces.  It is a little pricier then some of the activities I have tried the kids in, but because of how much my kids enjoy it I was happy to start paying full price after our Groupon was used.


One other huge bonus for me is that I have even been able to have my two different aged kids enrolled in the same class!  I think this has really helped my youngest get comfortable in a class setting and I love that it keeps things simple for scheduling on my end.  And, when their weekly class isn’t enough for them, we have been taking advantage of the Practice and Play sessions.  I can see this hour of free gym play being particularly handy come winter rather then paying admissions to other indoor playgrounds.


I am really looking forward to our Parent’s Night Out because I know our kids are in good hands and will be having a ton of fun while we finally enjoy some adult time.  It is a Halloween theme and my son is excited to go in costume to play and eat pizza.  I know I could have hired a sitter a long time ago to get a night out with my husband, but I have always felt guilty leaving the kids – this seems like the perfect win-win solution for all of us to have a great night.



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