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Happy Halloween 2015

Happy Halloween 2015 - Star Wars and Frozen

Halloween has come and gone again for another year, but I wanted to share some pictures of my costumed cuties and my pumpkin creations.

We went trick-or-treating again at the mall this year but I was a little disappointed that they didn’t have the same variety of activities that we had enjoyed in past years.  The bouncy castles and petting zoo were missing, but at least they had a magician and some fun games to make up for it.

Mall trick-or-treating

Halloween night was fairly chilly so my daughter made it to all of three houses before she wanted to go back in.  She kept saying she wanted to go in the car so I think perhaps she thought we were doing more mall trick-or-treating.  Either way, it all worked out.  Keira was happy to go back in the house and hand out candy with daddy and the dogs, and I got to take my son trick-or-treating with his friend.

The dogs also got in on the action with our bulldog dressed up as Yoda and our hound dog as Elsa.  They love all the door bell ringing and action on Halloween.

Star Wars Dog Yoda Costume

Elsa Costume and Dog Costume

I did two Pumpkins this year to go along with each of the kids costumes.  For my Stormtrooper, I made a BB8 by stacking two pumpkins together and covering them in white and silver Duck Tape.  It was fairly simple and I loved the final look.

Star Wars BB8 Pumpkin and Stormtrooper Costume

For my little Elsa, it only made sense to carve a Snowman.  I was originally thinking of spray painting my pumpkins white, so I was very excited to discover a huge box of white Pumpkins at the grocery store.  The cashier questioned why I wasn’t just buying the cheaper orange pumpkins, but these were well worth the couple dollars extra to make my Olaf.

Frozen Elsa Costime and Olaf Pumpkin

We had a busy Halloween week with school parties and a special Halloween party at My Gym so I was kind of happy to see it all done with.  Sunday was spent relaxing and indulging in way too many mini chocolate bars as we recovered from our busy week.

Star Wars BB8 Pumpkin and Olaf Pumpkin

Halloween 2015 - Star Wars and Frozen

Now, time to start planning for the Christmas craziness…


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