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Friday Favorites: Playmobil

Playmobil Logo

For Christmas this year, I have decided to venture into the world of Playmobil.  The teeny tiny pieces have scared me off in the past, but since we now have Lego scattered all over the house I figured what’s a few more tiny pieces to deal with?!  Plus, I figure the really small stuff can be tucked away if need be.

I struggled to figure out what to buy my 3 and a half year old for Christmas since there is nothing she really NEEDS and there was no toy she had her heart set on.  She still plays with her Disney Princess Little People all the time, but she has more then enough in that collection.  I was considering more Duplo, but she is already playing with her brother’s Lego and I want something that will grow with her.  She would love anything Princess related, but she already has a dress-up trunk full of dresses and Princess dolls in almost every shape and size.

On online forum I read had a lot of recommendations for Playmobil, so I decided to actually browse the Playmobil website to see what the appeal was.  I was surprised by the wide range of themes and delighted to discover all kinds of sets I knew my kids would love.

Playmobil_Family SUV and Caravan

I came across the Caravan and I think that cemented my decision to give Playmobil a try.  The trailer is very similar in layout to our holiday trailer and I know my kids will love putting the little figures to bed in their bunkbeds and pretending it is our family camping.  And, of course, we needed something to pull the Caravan so I have ordered the Family SUV.  I especially love the roof top cargo bin that is identical to the one we sometimes use on our own SUV.  There is even the option to supe up the SUV and add on Remote Control pack if we so desire.

GulfStream Visa and Ford Explorer

There are lots of tiny pieces with the Caravan set, but I think that is part of the appeal.  The attention to detail is amazing and it includes everything from the tools and wheel blocks to pots and pans for cooking.  It might even be better stocked then our own trailer!

Palymobil Caravan Set Pieces

Keira has also been huge into swimming lately and pretending everything in the house is a swimming pool.  I found the Children’s Pool with Whale Fountain on the Playmobil site and was happy to see how excited she got over it.  She has decided to ask Santa for that item and Santa is happy to oblige after getting a good deal during a Scholar’s Choice Family and Friends event.

Playmobil_Pool with Whale Fountain

And I didn’t want my 5 year old son to feel completely left out so I was excited to scoop up the Pirate Treasure Chest for less then half price on clearance through  It’s got a cannon and other various weapons so I am sure he’ll like it.

Playmobil Pirate Treasure Chest

The age guidelines for Playmobil is 4-10 years so I am hoping this is something that can grow with both my kids over the next few years.  I love the wide variety of sets and it is nice to see so many gender neutral themes.  As much as I love girly Fairy themed sets, I am steering away from them in favor of sets both kids can enjoy together.  There is so much to explore in the world of Playmobil and I know this is a gift idea I can use and add to over the next several years for both kids.

Do your kids have Playmobil?  What is their favorite set?

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