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Sweet Stacking Fun with Tsum Tsum’s

Jakks Pacific Tsum Tsum Easy Cupcake Toppers

Even though I love almost all things Disney, I will admit that I never understood the appeal of Tsum Tsum’s.  I didn’t understand the need to transform beloved characters into the odd flattened oval shapes and what people did with the toys beyond collect them to display on a shelf.

Then, I was given the opportunity to review Jakks Pacific‘s new line of Tsum Tsum figurines and learned that the word “Tsum” is actually Japanese for “stack”.  Finally the whole concept made a whole lot more sense to me!  The odd shapes of varying sizes were to allow for stacking of the toys in a myriad of combinations.

Jakks Pacific Tsum Tsum's Series 1

When our toys arrived, it also brought back a lot of nostalgia for me.  The summer after high school I was lucky enough to travel to Japan and be surrounded with all the cute characters and toys that the Japanese are known for.  That was also my first Disney experience at Tokyo Disneyland, so all the cute Disney characters definitely brought up good memories of that.

Jakks Pacific Tsum Tsum's Series 1

My kids could hardly wait for me to take photos before trying to break into the colorful packaging.  Once out, they were happy to stack and play with their new figures.  They also got quite the kick out of saying the words “Tsum Tsum” over and over as they played.

Jakks Pacific Tsum Tsum's Series 1

The figures were actually smaller then expected, but my kids always want to bring a small toy along when we go out so I can see these working perfect for that.

And, for some reason, the small stacking figures reminded me of an image of stacked cupcakes I had come across on Pinterest so I decided to bake up some cupcakes with fun colored icing and play with that idea.

Jakks Pacific Tsum Tsum's Series 1_Stacked Cupcakes

For the 3 different sized Tsum Tsum’s, I baked up standard and mini sized cupcakes, and then used small peanut butter cups with a dollop of buttercream icing for the tiniest Tsum Tsum’s.

Jakks Pacific Tsum Tsum Cupcake Toppers with Peanut Butter Cups

Jakks Pacific Tsum Tsum's Series 1_Cupcake Toppers

How cute are they?  These would be perfect for a party and are as simple as sticking a toy on top of a cupcake!

Jakks Pacific Tsum Tsum's Series 1_Cupcake ToppersJakks Pacific Tsum Tsum's Series 1_Cupcake Toppers

With Easter coming soon, these Tsum Tsum’s would also make great egg or basket filler’s.  My kids were eyeing up the blind bags on our last trip to Walmart, already wanting to add more cute characters to their collection!

Jakks Pacific Tsum Tsum's Series 1_Cupcake Toppers

Find them in stores now or learn more on the Jakks Pacific facebook page.




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