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From Mario to Minecraft Basement Makeover

Minecraft Basement Makeover

You might recall the Mario inspired make-over I gave our basement walls last year before my son’s 5th Birthday Party.  His love of Mario is stronger then ever, but some of the paper images I had tacked up were coming down and looking worn so I decided to give the walls an update for his Minecraft themed party.

Super Mario Basement Makeover
Minecraft Basement Makeover

Lucky for me, both Mario and Minecraft are pixelated and rely heavily on cubed shapes.  This made it incredibly easy to redesign new faces for the hanging cubes on the wall using a combination of dirt blocks and animal faces.

Minecraft Basement Makeover

I also wanted some Minecraft animals and characters on the walls, so I blew up some of this great artwork from Enriko Forro on Deviant Art.  I love the style of the artwork and they all looked great up on the walls.  I particularly like the ghast, which I mounted to foamcore and hung from the ceiling with fishing line to appear like it was actually floating.

Minecraft Basement Makeover

The round, puffy Mario clouds made from white foamcore were also given a Minecraft make-over and cut down into pixelated shapes.

Minecraft Basement Makeover

And I also had some brick print plastic wall covering leftover from a Harry Potter party I hosted, so I decided to tape that up over the windows and doors in the playhouse area.  The kids have not shown much interest playing in there recently, but all of a sudden with the covering, it was fun and exciting again!

Minecraft Basement Makeover

Now the question is whether or not I will end up doing this all again for next year’s party?  I guess we’ll wait and see what next year’s theme is and if insanity inspiration strikes for a third time.


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