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Ninja Turtle Cupcake Poppers

Ninja Turtle Cupcake Poppers

If you can bake and frost a cupcake, I promise you can make these adorable Ninja Turtle Cupcake Poppers.  The cake is straight from a box and the middle filling is a basic buttercream icing.  They are quick, tasty and sure to please your favorite Ninja Turtle fan.

Ninja Turtle Cupcake Poppers

To make the cake portion, I bought and followed the instructions on a box of white cake mix.  Once my batter was fully mixed, I used gel food coloring to tint it green and then portioned it out by Tablespoonful’s into a lined mini muffin tin.

Ninja Turtle Cupcake Poppers

Once baked and cooled, I removed the cupcake liners from each cupcake and carefully cut the tops off using a serrated knife.  The bottom portion was set aside to be snacked on later.

Ninja Turtle Cupcake Poppers

To sandwich the cut cupcake tops together, I mixed up a batch of my favorite buttercream icing.  It was divided amongst 4 bowls and gel coloring was used again to tint the icing in each of the 4 Ninja Turtle mask colors – purple, orange, red and blue.  To assemble, I used a round tipped piping bag to put a thick layer of icing in between the two tops.

The finishing detail on each Cupcake Popper were two of these great Candy Eyeballs from Wilton.  Stuck into the colorful icing, they look like they are peeking right out of my colorful icing masks.

Ninja Turtle Cupcake Poppers

I am in love with this method of sandwiching the icing between the cupcakes tops.  It looks cute and my kids seemed to be able to eat them with far less mess then a traditional cupcake.  For once, they even ate the cake portions instead of their standard method of just eating the icing and leaving the cake for mom.

Ninja Turtle Cupcake Poppers

And, if you like the look, these Cupcake Poppers don’t need to be limited to Ninja Turtles.  The cake and icing colors could easily be changed to match your party theme and the eyes can be left off or replaced with other candies or sprinkles.  Have fun with it!


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