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Kit Kat Teacher’s Gift

Kit Kat Bar Teacher Gift

Teacher’s gifts are always a bit of a challenge.  You want something nice to express your gratitude, but you also want to know it is something that is going to get used and enjoyed.

I have read some of the best gift ideas are:

  1. Edible/consumable gifts
  2. Gift Cards
  3. A heartfelt message from you or your child.

I managed to combine all 3 into a neat little package for my son’s teachers last year:

Kit Kat Bar Teacher Gift

I saw these gourmet flavors of Kit Kat bars in grocery and thought they looked delicious.  They were something a little different and I thought they would make for a fun little end of year treat for the teachers to accompany the bookstore gift card I was buying them.

Kit Kat Bar Teacher Gift

For the gift card holder, I found this awesome fill in the blank printable template from myprintly .  It is such a cute design and I was delighted to discover it was a FREE download.  I helped my kindergartner come up with the answers and wrote them out so he could copy them into each of his teacher’s cards and give that personal touch.  I loved that the Chapters/Indigo gift card design even matched!

Kit Kat Bar Teacher Gift

For the outside wrap on the chocolate bars, I edited the background image from the myprintly card.  I added on the phrase “Have a Great Summer Break!” as a play off the famous chocolate bar slogan “Have a Break.  Have a Kit Kat.”  I then wrapped it around two of the large Kit Kat bars, with the gift card slipped inside.  You can get the printable artwork for this here: TeacherGiftTags_KitKatwrappers

Kit Kat Bar Teacher Gift

If you have a tighter budget or more teachers or caregivers to buy for, you could use just one Kit Kat or the gift card portion of the gift could be reduced or taken out.  I was feeling generous because we had some great teachers!




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