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Toy Review: Whiffer Sniffers

Whiffer Sniffer Toy Review

We were recently scent (teehee) these adorable Whiffer Sniffers toys for review and when our box of goodies arrived, my kids and I couldn’t wait to get into the round plastic packages.

Whiffer Sniffer Toy Review_Freddy Frosted Chocolate Donut and Adam Apple

When I first saw the Whiffer Sniffers, I was immediately drawn back to my childhood and reminded of the photo albums full of scratch ‘n sniff stickers I had.  These were full of bad puns and some of the scents were downright awful (skunk!), but my sister and I loved collecting them.  Along with Whiffer Sniffers line of adorable scented stuffed food shapes, I was delighted to see there are matching stickers with equally cheesy phrases like I remember from my sticker collecting days.  Pop-tastic!

Whiffer Sniffer Toy Review_I.B.Poppin' Scratch 'N Sniff Stickers

The Whiffer Sniffers stuffed toys come is two different sizes: clips and huggables.  They are adorable food shapes with faces that come in familiar scents like strawberry, pineapple, donuts, popcorn and pizza.  They also have equally adorable names such as Tangerina Ballerina, Dilly Yo Pickle and Tony Pepperoni. My son was hoping for the Freddy Frosted donut backpack clip, so when he saw we got him in the larger huggable he was ecstatic.  With all our camping this summer, I was kind of hoping for the cute Jimmy S’more.

Whiffer Sniffer Toy Review_Freddy Frosted Chocolate Donut and Adam AppleWhiffer Sniffer Toy Review_Freddy Frosted Chocolate Donut and Adam Apple

The smaller Adam Apple clip we got will be perfect on my son’s new backpack to head to Grade 1 this fall.  It will fit right in with all the other toys and keychains he already has hanging off his school bag and fulfill his desire to bring a toy along to school every day.

Whiffer Sniffer Toy Review_Adam Apple Backpack Clip

Go to the Whiffer Sniffers website to see all the different versions available in both series 1 and upcoming series 2.  If you find it too hard to pick out a favourite, there is even a mystery pack option available!

And for more fun, I was happy to discover a whole section of games and printables under the “Fun” tab on the Whiffer Sniffers website.  We printed off both Freddy Frosted and Adam Apple’s paper craft set to create some cute accessories for our new plush friends.

Whiffer Sniffer Toy Review_FREE Printable Crafts

There was a lot of fine cutting and gluing involved, so unfortunately these weren’t really something the kids could help make.  In hindsight, I should have also printed off some of the great coloring pages for my kids to color as they impatiently waited for me to assemble the cardstock accessories.

Whiffer Sniffer Toy Review_Adam Apple CraftablesWhiffer Sniffer Toy Review_Freddy Frosted's Craftables

My son loved the rectangular Minecraft-like apple tree and both kids thought it was pretty funny that the Donut had his own box of donuts and a coffee.  And, if you wanted to take it one step further,  you could even whip up a batch of these adorable and tasty looking Cheerio Donuts to go inside the tiny donut box.

Whiffer Sniffer Toy Review_Craftables Set

The kids love their new toys and now my only problem will be trying to keep them out of the dogs reach.  Both our dogs are generally good about leaving the kids toys alone, but I am not sure they will be able to resist these deliciously scented stuffies.


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