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Lego Store VIP Program and FREE Monthly Mini Builds

Lego VIP Program_2 Ways to get FREE Lego

This week we visited the Lego Store and I am excited to share that we came out with a fun free mini build and brand new Lego Batman Movie set that cost us next to nothing.  Thanks to the Lego VIP program and monthly in-store events, there are two easy ways to get your hands on some FREE Lego at the Lego Store.

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DIY K-Cup Advent Calendar

DIY K-cup Advent Wreath

Somewhere between having 2 kids and becoming a stay at home mom, I became a coffee drinker.  I managed to make it through 4 years of university without touching a cup of coffee, but the sleepless nights with newborns and long days with toddlers quickly turned it into my preferred form of caffeine.

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Toy Review: Whiffer Sniffers

Whiffer Sniffer Toy Review

We were recently scent (teehee) these adorable Whiffer Sniffers toys for review and when our box of goodies arrived, my kids and I couldn’t wait to get into the round plastic packages.

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Friday Favorites: Three Little Words

Friday Favorites TitleOn Wednesday I did something I said I wasn’t going to do as a parent;  I let my son play hooky from school.  I had a chance to meet a friend and decided it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I let my son skip one day of Kindergarten to come along and play a round of minigolf with his sister and my friend’s son.  Hopefully this doesn’t bite me in the butt later down the road!

Since we were already out and about, we also decided to meet up with my husband for lunch.  We ended up with a bit of time to kill in between, so I decided to take a stroll through Chapters and finally check out the new American Girl section in the West Edmonton Mall store.

On our way out of the children’s section of the store, I happened upon this beautiful Finding Dory inspired book on the shelf of Staff Picks.  I was immediately drawn to Three Little Words because of the soft watercolors and beautiful imagery, and once I read the message inside I knew it was one I wanted to add to our collection.

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Friday Favorites: Sing-A-Long Elsa

We had a lot of great moments on our trip to Disneyland this past February, but I think my absolute favorite moment was my 2 year old belting out her own rendition of Let it Go during the Frozen Sing-Along.

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Friday Favorites: Qixels

Back in September we went to Toys R Us for their annual Play Day event and one of the toy samples we got was this fun little Qixel sword.  My 5 year old son is huge into Minecraft at the moment so when he received the small pack of 8 bit pixel beads to create a Minecraft-like sword, he was very excited to get home and try it out.


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Something Sweet for the Teacher


Last week was my son’s last day of pre-school.  It was a great introduction to school and I am (mostly) looking forward to sending him off to kindergarten this fall.


He had a great year and had some really amazing teachers who made it fun for him to go each day  Most days I didn’t even get so much as a wave good-bye as he was running into the classroom to play.

I wanted to do a gift card of some sort, but I knew the one teacher did not like tea or coffee.  Both teachers have young families and since our family goes out for ice cream a lot during the summer months, I decided on a gift card for Dairy Queen.


I enlisted the help of my mom to make the cards.  She was happy to do it and I knew she’d do a great job so this was one place I was happy to pass the DIY torch over.

The cards turned out great and I love that my mom even thought to included a small pocket inside for me to tuck the gift cards into!


And as a little something to go with the cards and gift cards, I decided to use a couple of the plastic pots we had leftover from an activity at my daughter’s birthday party.  (There’s more on that to come, I promise!)


I designed a new insert to go in the plastic pots and had my son color and decorate one for each of the two teachers.


Now coloring and crafting is NOT my sons strong suit.  It has been a battle all year to get him to do the crafts at pre-school and if it was left up to him he chose to play with toys or build with blocks before touching a crayon or scissors.  At pick-up each day I would see each kid coming out with their wonderful creations, and my son was almost always empty handed.

Knowing this, I hope the teachers appreciated his efforts to sit down and actually create something for them. He seemed to try and get through the coloring part quickly so he could get to the playing in the dirt and planting, but he did seem quite proud of his creations at the end.


The gifts turned out great and I hope it help show the appreciation for his wonderful teachers. My daughter is already excited at the idea of starting at the same pre-school in the fall because of her big brother’s great experience.