Cakes: High Flying Planes and Ruffles


This weekend I baked up cakes and cupcakes in celebration of two very special little boys – my own nephew and my friend’s brand new nephew.  They didn’t turn out exactly as I had wanted, but I had fun doing it and being able to make their celebrations a little sweeter.

For my nephew, we were celebrating his third birthday!  My sister bravely hosted a house full of young kids so I decided to help out by baking and bringing the cake.  I know most kids are overloaded by stuff these days so my hope is that the gift of my time and talent to make his birthday cake is more valuable then just another toy.

Max is into cars and planes and all things that move.  Last year I made him this construction themed cake so this year I decided to go with the Planes theme and did up this simple blue cake with white clouds and a Dusty toy as the topper.


The cake was finished off with an inexpensive paper banner flying behind Dusty and a “3” candle from the Dollar Store.

My fluffy white clouds along the sides ended up sliding in transit, but it was easily fixed and overall I was happy with the finished cake.  Max couldn’t wait to get into it and my husband had two slices, so I must have done something right!


For flavours, I kept things simple and both cakes were chocolate cake filled with a delicious banana creamcheese filling.  As you will see below, my second cake had a monkey theme so the banana seemed fitting.  I also added some Skor bit’s into my nephews cake for good measure and they added a nice little bit of crunch.


Lucky for me the 2 cakes being for boys also meant I was able to use the same blue icing and save some time (and dirty dishes!) when mixing up buttercream.

The second cake was for a baby shower in celebration of my friend’s new nephew.  When she asked me to make her a cake, I was a bit hesitant because I still don’t feel that my cake making skills are good enough for anyone to actually pay for.  I had done a ruffle cake for my daughter’s birthday cake in May and it turned out pretty well so I suggested that style since I was fairly confident I could pull it off.

I asked my friend to snap some photo’s of the finished cake, but unfortunately she forgot her camera and had a bit of a hectic day so unfortunately my quick, crappy iphone picture  of the finished ruffle cake will have to suffice.  The cake was just a 6″ round, so I also baked up 2 dozen cupcakes to ensure she had enough cake for all her guests at the shower.


To finish off the cake, I designed a cute paper monkey topper and blocks that spelled out baby’s last name.  For the cupcakes, I incorporated the same monkey into two different paper toppers that got hot glued to striped paper straws to stick into each.



Happy 3rd Birthday Max and Welcome to the World Baby Zackary!




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Throwback Thursday – Jones Soda Baby Shower Favors


My old coworker and friend is expecting a baby any day now and recently posted facebook pictures of the adorable Jones Soda bottle favors her sister made for her baby shower.  It reminded me of the Jones Soda favors I had created for my own shower and prompted me to have my own Throwback Thursdays on Dolled Up Design to feature some of my older projects.

My baby shower was less of a shower and more of a meet-and-greet, taking place a month or so after Camden was born. My sister was kind enough to come up to my house to host it, but I wanted to be involved so I ended up making the cupcakes, cookies and favors for it. I think this was the first glimpse into my insane party planning that was to come!

The theme was a Boy Shower, playing off the classic poem “What are little boys made of? Snips, and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails”. It was co-ed and my sister served up boy-friendly foods such as chicken wings and sliders.  There was also plenty of beer for the male (and female) guests!

For the favor bottles, I incorporated the rhyme as the ingredients portion of the Soda bottle labels and used the nutritional information section to include my little guys birth stats. Once the template was done, it was pretty quick to edit so I ended up doing 3 versions for the 3 different flavors of Soda I had.


To create the labels I simply printed them onto photo paper using my home printer, and then attached them to the bottles with strong double sided tape.




This is such a fun and versatile idea! I have seen it used for everything from weddings to first birthday parties.  Since her baby isn’t here yet, my co-worker’s featured pictures of her husband and herself as babies.  Really, the sky is the limit when it comes to picking images and changing label information and even choosing a soda type that color coordinates with your event!