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Throwback Thursday – Jones Soda Baby Shower Favors


My old coworker and friend is expecting a baby any day now and recently posted facebook pictures of the adorable Jones Soda bottle favors her sister made for her baby shower.  It reminded me of the Jones Soda favors I had created for my own shower and prompted me to have my own Throwback Thursdays on Dolled Up Design to feature some of my older projects.

My baby shower was less of a shower and more of a meet-and-greet, taking place a month or so after Camden was born. My sister was kind enough to come up to my house to host it, but I wanted to be involved so I ended up making the cupcakes, cookies and favors for it. I think this was the first glimpse into my insane party planning that was to come!

The theme was a Boy Shower, playing off the classic poem “What are little boys made of? Snips, and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails”. It was co-ed and my sister served up boy-friendly foods such as chicken wings and sliders.  There was also plenty of beer for the male (and female) guests!

For the favor bottles, I incorporated the rhyme as the ingredients portion of the Soda bottle labels and used the nutritional information section to include my little guys birth stats. Once the template was done, it was pretty quick to edit so I ended up doing 3 versions for the 3 different flavors of Soda I had.


To create the labels I simply printed them onto photo paper using my home printer, and then attached them to the bottles with strong double sided tape.




This is such a fun and versatile idea! I have seen it used for everything from weddings to first birthday parties.  Since her baby isn’t here yet, my co-worker’s featured pictures of her husband and herself as babies.  Really, the sky is the limit when it comes to picking images and changing label information and even choosing a soda type that color coordinates with your event!


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