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Little Talks


There is no denying that my son is a big mama’s boy.  While I complain about it and pretend to not like it, in the end I feel very blessed to be the center of his little world.  On the rare occasion that I do try to get out of the house alone, it usually turns into a heated debate between the two of us over why he doesn’t always need to come everywhere with mommy.  His response is “But you’re my MOM.  I do just always have to go with you!”  It is hard to compete with an argument like that.

He’s stubborn, whiney, and rarely listens – he’s 3.  He’s also sweet, smart, funny and incredibly loving.  When I am upset over something, he is always quick to say “It’s just okay mommy” and offer up a hug.  When we lost our bulldog I was worried about trying to explain death to him, but he ended up understanding and helping my husband and I with it more then we could have imagined.   One of my fondest memories is, and will probably always be, of all 4 of us cramming into our walk-in closet with our hound dog the day after we lost Bullini.  We were all hurting and Camden’s encouragement to join Nova in her favorite sleeping spot with a picture of Bullini really helped bond us as a family through that tough time.

During the day, one of favourite times with Camden is our conversations in the car.  If you asked me what radio station my car was tuned into, I would not be able to tell you.  When I was on my own I used to blast my music and had a bad habit of passing the time constantly flipping through the stations to find a good song.  Since Camden has been talking, I barely touch the radio dials except to turn the volume way down or off to better hear what my little guy has to say.

  • “What are those tractors doing mommy?”
  • “Look at those big cranes!”
  • “There’s old McDonalds!  Can I get a Happy Meal?”
  • “It’s green now, GOOOO!!!”.

Yes, he’s a bit of a backseat driver but I’ll let him get away with it for now.

At night, I love his requests for “snuggles” and “more talks” after storytime.  Daddy doesn’t indulge him with this so bedtime usually takes 3x as long for me, but it is time well spent.  We get each others undivided attention to discuss what the best part of the day was and what we’re going to do the next morning.  Our conversations also usually turn to important three year old boy topics like super heroes, ninja moves, or bodily functions and always end with a bog hug and kiss as I tuck him in.  I know these requests for snuggles aren’t going to last forever, so I am going to do my best to enjoy them while I can.


When I was first pregnant with Camden, I really wanted a boy.  I never had a big brother so I love seeing that dynamic between my kids and the amazing big brother that Camden has been from day one.  Family always seems to be on his mind and he makes sure to include us in all of his latest obsessions.  We went through a phase of being called the duck family and it brought a smile to my face every time he began a sentence with “Mommy duck ….” or “Daddy duck … “.  From there we have gone on to be the Angry Bird family, the Superhero family, and the latest – the Ninja Turtle Family.  I’m Donatello, “The Brains”, in case you’re wondering, and Camden has deemed himself Michelangelo, “The Wild One”.  Daddy is Raphael “The Muscle” and little sister, Keira,  gets to be Leonardo “The Leader”.

Camden has always has a fairly calm and laid back personality so I don’t know if I agree with his “Wild One” title, but who am I to question 3 year old logic.  As long as he continues to be the kind and compassionate boy I know and have grown to love, he is free to call himself whatever he wants.  I will be there to listen, encourage and just enjoy our little talks.