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Super Easy Pumpkin Creamcheese Muffins


There’s a two ingredient pumpkin muffin recipe floating around pinterest that is simply 1 box of cake mix mixed with 1 can of pure pumpkin.  I have made it before and the results are a dense, moist pumpkiny treat.  It is good, but I decided I could make it a bit better – enter the creamcheese!

The idea for the creamcheese was actually inspired by a copycat recipe for the Starbucks Pumpkin Creamcheese muffins.  That recipe asks that you blend the creamcheese and then roll it into a log and freeze to be cut into rounds.  This seemed like a lot of work for me so I took the lazy way out and simply cut pieces off my brick of creamcheese and poked it into my muffin batter.  If I am feeling extra ambitious next time I may whip the creamcheese first, but the lazy method still seemed to make some pretty tasty results.


Easy Pumpkin Creamcheese Muffins 


1 can (15 oz.) 100% Pure Pumpkin

1 box cake mix – Spice Cake Flavor

1 brick (8 oz) creamcheese

Chopped walnuts or pecans


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Combine canned pumpkin and cake mix and mix until well blended. (I also added a bit of pumpkin pie spice to mine).

Spoon muffin mixture 2/3 full into cupcake liners.

Cut creamcheese into approx. 1 tsp portions and push slightly into the middle of each muffin.

Sprinkle with nuts and sugar/cinnamon sugar if desired.

Bake for 20 minutes.



Makes 18 muffins.