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WDW Memories: Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique_Magic Kingdom

On our first trip to Disney World, I was enamoured with all the little girls running around with their princess inspired hairstyles and sparkly dresses.  I got a big kick out of seeing the same hair style over and over at different levels of distress – you just knew some of them had been slept in for days because the little girl refused to take out the bun or funky colored braids.  We were just freshly married and I can remember thinking to myself that if I ever had a little girl, a princess makeover was definitely something I wanted to do with her.  Well I did have that little girl, and for our Walt Disney World trip this past November I was excited to finally be able to make the magic happen at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Continue reading “WDW Memories: Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique”


We’re Going to Disneyland!!!

Looky what just arrived in my mail last week…


I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to tell you we are going to Disneyland this February!  The plane tickets are bought and the planning has begun.

I love Disney!  My husband and I’s first Disney trip together was to Walt Disney World for our wedding.  Neither of us had ever been to WDW, but we figured not much could go wrong getting married in the Happiest Place on Earth.  We were right – we had a truly magical wedding and came back of lots of amazing memories from that trip.

Wedding Photo

There is just something about stepping into those parks that makes you instantly happy.  Within the first day at Disney World, we were even discussing plans to come back for a 10 year vow renewal in 2017.  It seemed like a bit of crazy talk at the time, but the time has flown and it no longer seems all that distant.  For now, I am so happy we are able to manage to fit in a trip to Disneyland in early 2015 to give me my Disney fix.

This will be our first big trip as a family of four and everyone’s first time in Disneyland.  The crazy part is that I went to Tokyo Disney on a class trip in 2000, got married in Disney World in 2007 and visited Disneyland Paris in 2009, but it has taken me this long to get to the Disney Park in closest proximity to me!  I am both excited and terrified to navigate the parks with young kids in tow.  It will be a much different trip, but I am guessing it will be totally worth it to experience the Disney magic through them.

Our original plan was to be in the parks for our sons 5th birthday on February 23, but plane ticket prices and holidays have dictated our trip be a couple weeks sooner.  I will still try to plan some special birthday surprises while we are there because I think it is close enough to his birthday to count.

I am also starting to work on a plan to tell the kids the exciting news and can’t wait to share it with you.  Hopefully I can keep it a secret from the kids until February!



Throwback Thursday: Mickey Wedding Invites



Today  marks the day we said our vows at ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’.  7 years later, my love for my husband and my love for all things Disney has not faded!

I was quite shocked when my husband-to-be agreed to the whole idea of a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding, but I am so happy he did.  It was the perfect intimate venue and I was able to incorporate small touches of Mickey Mouse throughout.  Can you spot the hidden mickey in my bouquet?


For my invites I wanted something clean and modern.  I wanted it to say Disney without looking kiddy or cartoonish so I ended up settling on this subtle mouse ear graphic.  Luckily I only had a dozen or so invites to make, so I printed, cut and assembled all the different elements all on my own.


Because it was a destination wedding and we sent the invites so far ahead of time, I also included save-the-date fridge magnets with our wedding website address.


Did you know you can “invite” Mickey and Minnie to your wedding or birthday and they will mail you back a photo and a pin?  The address is:

Mickey Mouse
P.O. Box 10040
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-00100


And I just made the happy discovery today that July 17 is also the anniversary date of Disneyland opening which makes our anniversary date all that much more magical.  We were married in the year where every other couple seemed to be getting married on 07/07/07, so our date always seemed a little dull.   Happy 59th Anniversary Disneyland!


Thankfully our wedding was planned long before the days of Pinterest, and before I became really interested in party planning.   I know if I was planning today I would be making a lot more work for myself via DIY projects.   It was truly an amazing day and looking back there are very few things I would change about our special day.

One other fun element I did work on for the wedding was the program fans.  It was a pain to hand cut all the Mickey silhouettes, but I loved the way they turned out in the end.


Thank you to my wonderful husband who continues to work hard to make all our dreams come true.  I love looking back at our wedding and trip photos and can’t wait to start planning for our 10 year anniversary trip to Disney World in 2017!