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Friday Favorites: Solo For Kids On-The-Go Cups

In the warm summer months I like to occasionally treat myself to a slushy type drink – whether that be a Frappuccino, Time Horton’s Iced Capp, Frozen Lemonade or the good old standby, a Slurpee.  Both my kids are old enough now that they know the delights of the drive-thru and gone are the days of me sneaking through to grab a frozen treat all of my own.  I have learned that I need to now buy everyone each their own or risk having mine completely disappear.

Last summer Tim Horton’s still offered an XS sized cup that was the perfect size to get my then 3 year old a smoothie or Frozen Lemonade all his own.  This has been discontinued and their smallest size is now way too big for just one of my kids, but not quite enough to split two ways.  One day, since we were headed right home, I had the brilliant thought to just order a medium Frozen Lemonade and split it into their sippy cups when we got home.   A medium is far cheaper then two smalls and there is way less drink wasted this way.

Shortly after, I recalled the packs of lidded Solo brand For Kids On-The-Go cups I had seen in the grocery store and decided to pick up a pack to keep handy in the car for just this reason.


McDonalds offers a snack size in their smoothie that is perfect for my kids, but everywhere else I have switched to ordering one medium and using these Solo cups.  A Starbucks Grande smoothie divided perfectly for my two kids.


When we are on the road and end up with other tricky items such as square cartons of chocolate milk, I also pull out these cups.  They fit nicely in the carseat cupholders and I love that the bendy straws mean less chance of them jabbing into the roof of the kids mouths if they are drinking and we hit a bump.


Shhhh…just don’t tell the kids they are actually sharing!



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