Doll House, Our Forever Home

4, 3, 2, 1….HOME!


In just a few more days we will finally have the keys to our new home! It has been a painfully long process and the biggest indicator of the time passing for me is remembering that my walking, talking, full-of-attitude little girl was just barely rolling when we signed the deal. I began a whiteboard countdown at the 30 day mark and as each day has passed, my feelings have alternated between stress and excitement, with a little bit of denial throw in there for good measure.

On Wednesday we went for our pre-occupancy walk through and everything looked amazing. After some snags with the granite on the kitchen island, I was so happy to see it turned out exactly the way we wanted.  The stainless steel  appliances are all coming Friday afternoon and I will have a brand new, fully functional kitchen to work in.


I hate the packing and moving part, but there is a long list of things I am really looking forward to:

  • The storage.  All the glorious storage!  5 walk-in closets, 2 regular closets, and a walk-in pantry’s worth.
  • Having a two car garage.  My husband currently parks on the driveway so he will actually benefit more from this one in the cold winter months.   I am also hoping I might get to drive the other vehicle more often since we aren’t having to do a vehicle shuffle.
  • My first loooong soak in my jetted soaker tub.  I would have been happy just getting  our own ensuite and what we have ended up with is nothing short of spectacular.
  • Being able to walk mere steps down the hallway to do my laundry.  No longer will I have to try and juggle carrying a full basket of clothing and a clingy toddler down to the basement all at once.  It also doesn’t hurt that I will get to look at this lovely pair while loading my laundry:


  • No longer having kids climbing on my kitchen counter while I am trying to get dinner made and on the table!  Okay, I admit I am guilty of plunking the baby down there each morning as I get her milk and I do enjoy their “help” at times, but it will be better when they can’t just climb up the back of the couch and onto my counter on their own accord.  Plus I will have that much more counter space that maybe it won’t be as big of a deal if they are occupying a small piece of it!
  • Seeing and decorating the kids playhouse my husband will be building in our basement.  If it is anything like I am envisioning, it is should be a pretty fun space for the kids.
  • Cushy new furniture to relax in.  Yes, I realize with children it won’t stay looking new for long but we kept that in mind when making the selections.
  • Taking advantage of the playground around the corner.  There are no playgrounds within walking distance of our current house.  It will be nice to load the kids in the wagon to go to the park instead of into the car!
  • Hosting birthday parties and play dates at the house.  I don’t love having people over to our current place because it feels small and cluttered so hopefully this will prompt me to try and host more often.
  • Decorating and putting the final touches on all the rooms to really make it our home.  We just picked out the paint today and I can’t wait to put some color and personality into the home.

We have a busy few weeks ahead of us with lots of packing, moving, painting and assembling.  Throw in a birthday party to host next weekend and I am pretty sure I will lose my mind a time or two, but I know it is going to all be worth it in the end.

Now back to the important task of making sure all our most treasured possessions are all packed and ready to move…