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Happy National S’mores Day!

August 10 is National S’mores Day.  I know this because it was included as part of the info on the wedding invite I designed for my sister’s camping weekend wedding last summer.  At this time last year I was up to my elbows in marshmallow, graham crumbs and chocolate buttercream working to create the perfect wedding cake to fit in with the S’mores bar at her wedding.


For my first attempt at a tiered wedding cake, I’d say it turned out pretty darn good!


The inside of the cake was made up of graham cake, chocolate cake and a layer of homemade marshmallow.  The outside was coated with buttercream as per the bride’s request and gave a bit more of a rustic feel.  I have still never worked with fondant so I was happy to fulfill the buttercream request – homemade marshmallows and stacking cakes was enough new stuff for me to figure out with this project.

486543_10152025419760497_1546352735_n (2)

405296_10152025420025497_877001954_n (2)

The decoration was fairly simple.  I used a mixture of plain and toasted marshmallow’s and had them cascade down the side of the cake.  Some twigs of decorative pearls finished off the look and added that little bit of sparkle.

As much fun as a 3 layered wedding cake was, I think I will keep things simple this S’mores day and attempt these S’mores cookie bars from Chocolate, Chocolate and More.  For these and other great S’mores recipes, check out my  pinterest board.


5 thoughts on “Happy National S’mores Day!”

  1. This is my wedding cake. It blew my expectations out of the water and honestly was one of the best parts of my wedding day. It was a gorgeous cake that was perfect in every way.


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