Doll House, Our Forever Home

Starting From the Ground Up


It is hard to believe it has already been an entire year since we began the process of finding financing and starting the paperwork on our new custom home.  The decision making has been overwhelming at times, but it is exciting as we’ve been able to watch our dreams go from paper into an actual house.

At this point, the shell of our home is finished and we have a good idea what the spaces feel like.  Drywall has just finished and we are reaching the finishing stage for the house which means I am growing more anxious to see the more cosmetic things like paint, flooring, faucets and lights go in.

The selections process was several weeks of driving around to different suppliers and doing our best to come to stay within our budget and reach a quick agreement.   All in all we did pretty good and I think our final choices are something we will both be happy with for a long time to come.

One of the first selections appointments we had was for the plumbing fixtures.  We both tend towards a more modern design, so it was fairly easy to narrow the selections down to those items with a square, geometric look.

17671_10152596616715497_1939167721_n (2)

733800_10152596616495497_928336670_n (2)

Next up was lighting and we continued with the square theme.

735157_10152664715445497_1972845001_n (2)

We did splurge a bit on the fixture for the front foyer and in the dining area.  I first showed these to my husband as a bit of a joke, but apparently I know him better then I thought because he instantly loved them.


For the kids rooms, I chose to do something a little different and am hoping my little guy likes this adorable plane fixture as much as I do.


Our kitchen and bathroom cabinets will be a natural maple and the bathroom countertops are the laminate sample shown below.  The counters in the kitchen will be Steel Grey granite.

72636_10152605788910497_558715798_n (2)

The kitchen backsplash will be the light grey tile below with a strip of the mosaic tile throughout as an accent.  Between the grey’s and stainless steel I think my kitchen is going to end up looking fairly masculine so hopefully I can add a feminine touch with accessories.

67071_10152652925770497_1111920079_n (2)

Finally, the flooring we have chosen is a natural hickory hardwood on the main floor.  We both love wood with a bit of variation and are hoping the lighter color choice might be a bit more dog friendly.

Hickory (2)

So there you have a quick glimpse of our new home.  I can’t wait to share the final product, but we are still a few months away from that.  It has been a long wait, but it will all be worth it in the end.


2 thoughts on “Starting From the Ground Up”

  1. Hi Sarah,
    I don’t have a good picture of the chandelier I chose for Keira’s room so I am going to leave you in suspense until it gets installed in the house and I can take a better photo. Hopefully that won’t be much longer…


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