An Apple for the Teacher Cupcakes

My mom just retired from teaching this past spring.  I spoke to her recently and she told me that with September quick approaching she has had a few moments of anxiety over having to go back to school/work, and has had to remind herself that she is retired!

We celebrated her retirement with a small family party and I was put in charge of cupcakes.  It only seemed appropriate to make apple cupcakes so I made these simple cupcakes using gummy leaves and pretzel sticks for the stems.


They turned out very cute and would be a quick treat to whip up for the first day of school or any other time you want to show your favourite teacher how much you appreciate their hard work.  For mine, I did a cherry chip cake with cherry frosting, but you could do almost any cake flavor with red icing.


You might also notice they are in the dollar store cupcake carriers I have mentioned before which would make it easy for gift giving!


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