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Mickey Top Hat Tree Topper

Creating a Mickey themed Christmas really hasn’t been that difficult given the amount of Mickey stuff already in our home.  I loved Mickey when I was a kid and that certainly hasn’t changed as I’ve gotten older.  For evidence, you need not look any further then my kids toy box or closets.  With a boy and girl I think it is that much worse because I have reason to buy both the Mickey and Minnie versions of things!

I have slowly been adding Mickey and Minnie themed Christmas items to our main floor over the past week and it finally took until Friday for my husband to comment “I guess we’re going with a Mickey theme for Christmas, eh?”.  I love that he rarely questions my obsession and was even willing to go so far as to go give me my dream wedding in Walt Disney World.

While in Disney World for our wedding and honeymoon, they had bride and groom themed mouse ears that I purchased.  I wore my ears headband for most of our time in the parks, but the groom version was a bulky top hat and was too uncomfortable for my other half to really wear in the hot Florida heat.  My bride ears got packed away in a box somewhere in the basement after our wedding, but the top hat has been sitting out on top of a shelf in our living room for the past several years.


While searching on pinterest for different tree topper ideas, I came across an image of a Santa Mickey top hat and was instantly reminded that we still had the groom hat sitting around.  After trying it on my little tree, I decided it would make the perfect tree topper.


The hat looked good on the tree as it was, but I have a hard time not adding my own personal touch to things.   To Doll it up and make it more festive, I simply added a strip of red ribbon and a poinsettia embellishment I found at the Dollar Store.


It’s a little quirky and different, and I love the way it finishes off our tiny tree.


Hooray for being able to repurpose things I already own!


4 thoughts on “Mickey Top Hat Tree Topper”

  1. Pretty cute idea, and I love that you used something you already have! I’m also thrilled to find another adult that loves Mickey. I always feel like a fool explaining my Disney obsession, but the Magic Kingdom is such a happy place to spend time. My favorite place to spend time! Have you been there for Christmas yet? We haven’t yet had the opportunity, and I hear that no one decorates for Christmas like Disney. =-)


    1. Hi Colleen! We haven’t experienced the Disney magic at Christmas yet. We were planning a Disney World trip for November of 2017 to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary and I just finally put 2 and 2 together at the end of October and was thrilled to realize all the Christmas celebrations will already be happening. Disney is magic and Christmas is magic so I can only imagine what it is like when you combine the two!!!


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