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Tabletop Decorations: Merry Mickey Snowman and Tabletop Trees

Today I am sharing a couple quick projects I did to spruce up our kitchen table and add some decoration to the side buffet in our dining nook.


The inspiration for this Mickey project came largely from the Mickey Tree Topper I shared yesterday and the images of Mickey snowmen I kept coming across on the internet.  I was downstairs searching through my Christmas stuff and there he was just staring at me from the shelf begging for a set of mouse ears!  I bought him several years ago, and I still really like him so I was happy to find a way to fit him into my holiday décor and theme.



  • Snowman figure
  • Black felt
  • Cardboard material
  • Drinking glass (or other cylinder shape) for tracing
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • Safety Pins (2)


To make the ears, I found a cup that was the right size of circle I wanted, and traced it out onto a sheet of cardboard (an old cereal box).  I then cut out the cardboard circle, placed it over a piece of folded black felt and cut the two sides of the felt out around it.  As you can see in the picture below, I incorporated the bottom fold to create a bit of a flap where I could later put the safety pin in.


Once the circles were cut, I hot glued the cardboard in the middle and glued around the edges to seal the felt pieces together.  I needed the cardboard for stability, but didn’t want it showing through the felt edges so I cut the felt slightly bigger than the cardboard.


After repeating the process  for the second ear, I safety pinned both ears onto my snowman’s hat.  His holly berries had also gone missing off his top hat, so I took the opportunity to create a hidden Mickey by hot glueing two different sized pom poms onto it.


My snowman just happened to have a top hat that the black felt blended nicely with, but I imagine they would look just as good attached to a Santa style hat or toque.



For the dining table, I wanted something cheap and simple.  I had seen these Mickey and Minnie style painted terra cotta pots used for birthday party centerpieces, and thought they would make the perfect holder for small Christmas trees.  A trip to the Dollar Store was all it took and I was able to find all supplies including the two trees, terra cotta pots, small garland, red and white paint, and the plastic tray to set them on.


The process is pretty self explanatory.  I painted the main portion of the pots red and did the top bands in white acrylic paint.  I then free hand painted small white dots all over the Minnie pot and two big ovals on the Mickey version to look like the buttons on his pants.  The trees I simply wrapped with a thin red garland, then set in the painted pots and placed on the coordinating red and white plastic tray in the middle of the table.


Aren`t the stuffed Mickey and Minnie adorable?  I made the mistake of going to the Disney Store this week and they were 40% off.  I used them in my photo’s and then tucked them back away for the kids stockings!


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