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Party Inspiration: Rudolph Treats


This Holiday Season the classic Christmas tale of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is celebrating it’s 5oth anniversary.  It is my all time favorite Christmas special and the anniversary this year just gives one more reason to whip up some holiday treats and enjoy the movie with family and friends!  Here are some of my favorite food ideas inspired by the Red Nosed Reindeer and his misfit friends.


1.  These Reindeer Paws and Noses Christmas Treats from Oriental Trading are an absolute must.  They would be so simple to make and are adorable displayed out on a platter.

2.  Speaking of Reindeer noses, one memorable scene from the movie is when Donner tries to cover up Rudolph’s shiny red nose with mud.  I love chocolate covered cherries this time of year and think they would make the perfect mud covered Rudolph noses!


3.  How cute are these Laughing Cow cheese reindeer from Project Denneler?  It is always nice to have some savory options amongst all the sweets at this time of year and these couldn’t be easier thanks to a couple pretzels and some olives.

4.  Another fun idea with cheese, these Santa Belt Babybel over on Cute Food For Kids would be something you could make up well ahead of time.  Babybel’s always seem to be a hit with kids and adults alike.


5.  What better to serve with cheese then some festive crackers?  I love these Ritz Holiday Crackers and Snowflake’s from Christie and have a few boxes tucked away in my pantry for upcoming holiday gatherings.


6. Dips are always a hit on a party table, so why not try this festive Cream Cheese Cranberry Dip from Julie’s Eats & Treats.

7.  This Mexican inspired Triple Layer Guacamole Creamy Cotija and Confetti Salsa Party Dip from SoupAddict looks as tasty as it is beautiful with its bright holiday colors.


8. Looking to get your veggies in?  This Christmas Wreath Vegetable Platter from Divine Health couldn’t be any cuter!

9.  The wreath idea could also be used with fruit, or you could try an easy Tree Shaped Platter as seen on Little Wonders’ Days.


10. Pinwheels make for the perfect party food.  This towering stack of Southwestern Pinwheels from TiramiSusie’s reminds me of the scene near the end of the movie where the Abominable places the star atop the large Christmas tree in Santa’s workshop.


11. Yukon Cornelius spends the movie searching for silver and gold, so why not put out a selection of silver and gold wrapped chocolates?  This idea was inspired by the platter of gold and silver chocolate Sweet Cheeks Tasty Treats had at their Goonies Party.


12. Sweet Cheeks Tasty Treats also has these amazing Bumble Cake Pops on their site.  I really wish I had the time and patience to create amazing cake pops!


13.  With my basic cake decorating skills, I think I could pull off a Snowglobe Cake like this fabulous one on Taste of Home.   With a few Rudolph figurines and a small round glass bowl, it should be simple enough to pull off.  My adorable new Rudolph ornament from Target might work perfect.


14.  We also can’t forget Hermey.  These Santa Hat Meringues on Frugal Coupon Living could be made as is, or you could layer red and blue to recreate Hermey’s iconic elf hat from the movie.


15. What is a Christmas get together without candy canes or peppermint?  These Mini Peppermint Cream White Chocolate Cheesecake Tarts from Lauren’s Latest just looked far too delicious to NOT include on my list.  They are sweet and dainty like the girl elves on the movie.


16.  As an ode to the misfit Water Pistol who shoots grape jelly, you could make these Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Sandwiches as seen at made from pinterest.


17.  One other Misfit inspired idea might be to label Chicken wings as Ostrich wings in honour of the Ostrich riding cowboy on the Island of Misfit Toys.


18.  And there’s always room for J-E-L-L-O!  The Pioneer Women’s red and green layered Christmas Finger Jello looks so festive and fun.


19.  For drinks, an ice cream based white punch would fit the bill.  The punch bowl could even be given a mustached face reminiscent of Sam the narrating snowman following this easy tutorial The Style Sisters have provide for their Olaf punch bowl.


20.  A hot cocoa bar is also a good choice at this time of year.  How cute is this one from Amy’s Party Ideas with the Rudolph shaped marshmallow Peeps?!


21.  And, finally, the adult guests might appreciate these Rein-beer as seen on The CreativiDee Workshop.

22.  Or, perhaps, one of these Reindeer Games Martini from Bar Products.

I hope you have enjoyed my roundup and I have been able to give you some inspiration for hosting your own Rudolph or Christmas themed party.  As always, you can see more great ideas compiled on my pinterest board.


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