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Happy 2nd Blog Anniversary to Me!

Today marks 2 years since I started my blog!.  While I haven’t managed to get in as much blogging as I would have liked over the past year, I am still proud of all the projects and parties I have managed to finish and share.  My goals for the next few months are to finally get up some of the photos and tips from our Disneyland trip in my newly created Travel section, and to share some of our latest camping adventures.  And, as always, I have a fun themed party in the works.

I hope you are enjoying Dolled Up Design and it has given you inspiration for your own parties and DIY projects.  This is all a labour of love and there is a ton of time and effort that goes into photographing, editing and writing each post.  It means a lot when I get comments or see that I have a new follower on the blog or Facebook page, and I would like to truly thank all who have shown their support.

In case you have missed anything over the past year, I have picked out my 5 favorite posts to share.  Click on each link to take you to the post.






Do you have a favorite project or party on Dolled Up Design?  I would love to hear in the comments!


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