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DIY Inside Out Sadness Costume

Inside Out Sadness Halloween Costume

I just recently took the kids to see the movie Inside Out and we all loved it.  With her bobbed hair and glasses, I realized that I kind of resemble the character Sadness and it would be super easy to dress up as her for Halloween.

To “make” my costume, all that was needed was a cream colored turtle neck sweater (Walmart), and a blue wig I found at Dollarama.  I already have the dark framed glasses and I can wear a pair of dark blue jeans or leggings I already own.

Inside Out Costume_Color Changing Memory Orb

To finish off my costume, I was so happy to come across these color changing orbs at Dollarama.  They make for the perfect memory orbs and will be a fun and interactive touch to my costume when I wear it to volunteer at the Halloween Glow Dance at my son’s school.

I originally planned to cut my hair back into a bob and use the blue hair spray, but I am keeping the hair length for my other costume.  Check back later in the week to see what else I have come up with!


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