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Friday Favorites: Qixels

Back in September we went to Toys R Us for their annual Play Day event and one of the toy samples we got was this fun little Qixel sword.  My 5 year old son is huge into Minecraft at the moment so when he received the small pack of 8 bit pixel beads to create a Minecraft-like sword, he was very excited to get home and try it out.


The Qixels remind me of Perler beads, but I love that the Qixels don’t require the use of a hot iron to adhere them together.  Thanks to adhesive solution on the beads, you simply spray your final piece with water and leave it to dry.  Once dry, the beads have adhered together and you are able to play with your creation.  I was unsure how well this would work, but our sword seems to be holding strong.


I was already considering buying my son some Qixels for Christmas so I was excited to receive this package that includes both the Warriors Refill Pack and the Deep See Refill Pack.  This is a great fine motor activity we can do together and I love that it is mess free!


If you have a young boy (or girl) on your Christmas list, this would make a great gift.  The recommended age is 4 and above and they come in a variety of different styles.  Each set comes with great templates to follow, or there is also always the option to get creative and come up with your own designs.

To learn more, check out the Qixels official website!

* Products mentioned were provided to me free of charge.  All opinions on the product are my own.

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