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Hail to the Bus Driver

Bus Driver Appreciation Gift

Bus Driver Appreciation day was celebrated in our school district in April and I came up with these quick little gifts to thank each of my son’s bus drivers for their hard work all year.  Now that it is the end of the school year, I thought I would share in case anyone is looking for a last minute gift idea for the bus driver’s, teachers, or other school support staff in your child’s life.

Bus Driver Appreciation Gift - Coffee and Chocolates in a Paint Can

I will admit that it was quite nerve-wracking the first time I sent my son on the school bus.  After 5+ years of him riding solely with me in my vehicle it was hard to wrap my head around of the idea of trusting someone else to drive him.  Further, my “baby” was going from being strapped in a 5 point harness car seat to riding on an open bench seat – quite the change.

The bus has worked out great for us.  The stop is just a short walk from our home and it saves me both on time and gas money driving to and from the school twice a day.  Camden has gained a great sense of independence taking the bus and it is fun for him to visit with his friends on the way to and from school.

Bus Driver Appreciation Gift - Labels

When looking for Bus Driver Appreciation ideas, I came across these great school bus chocolates on like a pretty petunia that I wanted to replicate.  Unfortunately, we don’t seem to have the Hershey Nuggets here in Canada and the Hershey Miniatures I bought just didn’t work with the sizing of the labels I printed.  Note to self: Buy chocolates first, THEN design and print labels.

Bus Driver Appreciation Gift - Coffee and Chocolates

I was a bit disappointed that my chocolates weren’t going to be little school buses, but the colors of the Hershey Miniatures still worked well with the yellow bus “Thank You” label I created and printed.  The chocolates and a $10 gift card for coffee all went in these cute clear paint cans I found at Dollarama, and the gifts were finished off with a bright yellow ribbon on top.

Bus Driver Appreciation Gift - Coffee and Chocolates

Coffee and chocolate are always a great combination, but these paint cans could be customized to the recipient and filled with any combination of small candies and favourite gift card.  It is such a cute little gift, and I love that it is a fun and unexpected way to present a gift card.

Bus Driver Appreciation Gift - Coffee and Chocolates







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